I Complaints 8. You left the lights and

I would very much appreciate it if you keep up to our mutual trust and regard. Yours sincerely, (Your Name)

Sample Sentences

Starting Lines

1. It is saddening that you have put aside all courtesies while vacating my house. 2. It is quite preposterous, the mess you left my house in.

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3. It was unexpected in view of our mutually cordial relations that you end the trust in this manner. 4. I feel let down by your behaviour. 5.

I would have appreciated it very much had you shown some basic morals values while vacating my house. 6. How could you be so callous/indifferent/shem responsibility? 7. How very object of you to forgo the basic formalities of vacating a house.

Enlist your Complaints


You left the lights and taps open. 9. You had broken the window glasses. 10. You left much of trash and mess behind you.

11. You task the keys with you. 12. Electricity/water/maintenance charges were left unpaid.

13. You took away our electrical fittings.

Request for a Positive Solution

14. I hope you will gracefully sort the matter.

15. I would very much appreciate it if you maintain the decorum between us. 16. Let us both resolve these issues to mutual satisfaction. 17. The problem should be redressed soon.


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