The in any manner. Our performance shall definitely

The confidence that you have shown in appointing us shall withstand all tests of time and we shall not disappoint you in any manner. Our performance shall definitely establish our credibility. Once again we thank you and anticipate a prospering relationship. Yours faithfully,(Your Name)

Sample Sentences

Start by affirming acceptance 1) Thank you for your letter giving me the Agency of your company. 2) I accept the lucrative offer of becoming your Agent. 3) It is a perfect promotion of our business to accept your Distributorship.

4) We thank you for the confidence that you have reposed in us by granting your sole Agency rights. 5) We are absolutely elated to accept your offer. Suggest steps to further the matter 6) We look forward to a mutual meeting to negotiate the matter.

7) My representative shall visit you shortly to know of the desired formalities. 8) Instruct us, when to submit the Surety Amount. 9) Can we circulate the news to our prospective clients? 10) Kindly guide us how to proceed in the matter. 11) We shall definitely justify the trust placed in us. Close by assuring 12) The opportunity that you have given us shall go a long way to promote your product. 13) We look forward to a satisfying business with you.

14) We shall, by all means, deliver positive results. 15) This would herald a mutually beneficial business relationship between us.


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