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But for those, who are in the process of acquiring the skill of writing a composition, it is better to begin the paragraph with the topic sentence. In a paragraph, the conclusion or the concluding sentence is also important because it is like the gist of the main idea which reinforces the main idea. A good writer should keep in mind both the topic sentence and concluding sentence. The topic sentence will ensure that the writer does not lose focus of the main idea. In this way the unity of the paragraph is maintained. The topic sentence and concluding sentence together ensure that the writer remains in a specific boundary.

The second important component of good paragraph writing is arrangement of sentences with one sentence leading to the next in a proper order or sequence. A paragraph, where sequence of ideas is haphazard, is not good writing. In a paragraph, which has coherence, one sentence leads logically to the next sentence.

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In short, for coherence, sequence of ideas and logical development of thought has to be ensured. The last element of a good paragraph is ’emphasis’. Emphasis means that important ideas are stressed upon. This can be done by placing important ideas in the most important places in the composition—usually at the beginning or end.


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