HOW your account reinstated is not a



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EBay help page confirms you can
have as many accounts as you wish though with a separate email address. Having
your account reinstated is not a linear process, but can be infuriating at
times. This is in cases where you feel wronged.

You may do a onetime payment on
your eBay seller account to reinstate it after it has been suspended, but if
you had violated some key terms and conditions, it will be in vain. You need to
understand all reasons.

Find out why your eBay account was suspended

When eBay hangs your account,
they will notify you be email and explain the reason behind their action. You
can check similar message under the “My eBay” tab. Delays in restoring your
account may imply you are out of business or may lead to accruals. Some of the
reasons may include:

inaccurate billing information
When you
did not pay your sellers fees
When you
did  not reimburse eBay after they
refunded a buyer on your behalf
If your
payment information is outdated
When your
email address is not effective
If your
payment was recently declined
dual or more accounts with different personal details
If your
eBay account has several complaints from buyers
If your
eBay seller account has outstanding balance

Resolving a suspension due to payment disputes

It is quite easy to resolve the
suspension issues if they arose because of failure to pay sellers fees; failure
to reimburse eBay after they refunded a customer on your behalf or having out
of date payment information. EBay requires payment every month if your seller account
balance is £ 1.00 or more. It is advisable to do your repayment as fast as
possible. Remember, a day gone is a thousand dollars lost.

In order to change your payment
information which may be outdate, you should follow this steps:

into your eBay account and under your My eBay, click on the Account tab
on the Payment methods for Seller Fees section
on the Change link under the automatic payment method section
select a new automatic payment method and change your details


Appeal after suspension

You Can appeal your account
suspension by replying directly to the email notification of suspension and include
any relevant information that eBay requires. You need to know that during
suspension you can neither sell, bid nor leave any feedback. It is even worse
since bidders can retract their bids on your account. You won’t even be able to
contact your bidders or reply to their queries. Hence you should engage a profession
immediately to help in restoring your suspended account if you are unable.

Keys to recall

Pay all
your overdue if suspension was on account of non-payment
verifiable and active contact information if suspension was due to illegal
personal details
goods and make refunds promptly
follow up on dissatisfied consumers
patient as your account re-activation process takes place to avoid further


Never attempt to register a new
account while your original account is suspended. Since both of them would be banned.
Immediately restore eBay account to build consumer confidence. If you can’t get
your account reinstated, give us a call today.




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