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How it is important to be close to your parents ‘Family, like branches on a tree, grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one.’ (Crystal Dao, 2016)Growing up is not easy for everyone, especially for teenagers. Because the teenage years are when you are just about to start learning independence. It is common to make a lot of mistakes being a teenager such as sneaking out of the house, having a lot of misunderstandings with parents or lying to them.

The best solution to all of it, however, is to keep a close relationship with your parents. Undoubtedly, it cannot be so easy for everyone, especially if you are in teenage years, because you want to do everything in the way you want to. Children who have a negative relationship with their parents, but want to establish a healthy connection should know that it requires time, practice, and lots of interpersonal skills. However, here are a number of reasons why it is essential to have a close relationship with your parents.Love is paramount in positive parent-kid connection. It helps to build a strong relationship between them. Things which are done out of love will make children appreciate them much more.

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However, there are some discipline lessons in the ‘love package’. Children may not appreciate the correct way, but in the long run they will be thankful for those few slaps across the butt or the face.Another not unimportant thing for children is a support. In order to survive in the ‘real world’, children are in need of support.

Teens will need physical and emotional support to face some toughs earlier in live, undoubtedly the only one who can give them support in the arising of the live are their parents. It is absolutely necessary for teenagers that their mothers are able to talk one-on-one with patience and being wise and understanding, when a teen needs advice or needs to open up. Criticism, not understanding and getting mad will never and ever bring close connection between a parent and a teen. Finance is another example of support.

Financial support is thing that not all parents can afford. And it doesn’t mean giving money to spend any time they ask and want to. What it means is more likely money for school activities and extra lessons. All these opportunities are up to children, will they take an advantage of it or not. One more thing is sacrificing. All children should know that a lot of things are sacrificing by their parents in order to provide for their kids. Sometimes they will miss an important event just to stay at home with their children, enjoy spending time with them, to help with homework or they would get off early from work in spite of managers’ warnings.

But it is better to call it an investment for a good relationship with their children rather than a sacrifice. It is great opportunity to their kids growing up appreciating their parents. It is hard to imagine parent-kid connection without love and support.

Kids without love would be like a young plant without root to grow, they will just fall over and dry out. Support helps kids to understand that they have a reliable shoulder that always will be there and will be ready to support in spite of difficulties and will never condemn them. In my point of view, these categories are a must for parents.


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