how the 1770s. Early depictions of African women

how did the european depicitions of African women change form the 1550 to 1770s?Depictions of African women during the early 1550’s would significantly evolve through out the 1770s. Early depictions of African women showcased the beauty of their youthful small breasted anatomy as well as their strength and capability of compeleting laborous tasks after giving birth.With these early illisturations came the illusion that African women were able to continue to work during the actual event of child birth and thus felt no pain. This may have marked the first falsely exploiated “difference” which set society adrift with race associated hiearchies.

Later explorers of 1770 would depict African American women with low hanging breasts and would compare them to animals. they would note that African women were uncivilized savages partaking in killing, canabalism, multiple sexual partners, and public birth. These illistrations would circulate further perpetuating the belief that Africans bared little to no similarties to that of Europiean society. I agree that these writings would be considered porno- tropic as they promoted the dehumanization and sexualization of African people.

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These illistrations would ultimately pave the way for racism and intern the ease of the slave trade.The essay did convince me of these writings boundry making power. I agree these writings and illistrartions drew a line in the sand between civil and uncivilized, black and white, human and beast. In a sense these depictions and descriptions transformed African women into animals for trade and stripped them of their humanity in the eyes of the Europeans and englishmen alike. Equating the worth of another human being equal to that of cattle.What sort of activities shaped the daily lives of women in colonial New England?In colonial New England women of all different stations and class tended to similar work. laborous household chores and child rearing defined the life of women during this time.

Fire building was a never ending task inorder to keep the household warm and to cook and bake various foods depending on the season. Women often spent majority of their time tending to the needs of their pantries, which included growing, picking, canning, sugaring, turning butter. Laudry was an exasperating never ending task especially for mothers who would have to press, starch mend clothing, on top of constantly washing soiled cloth diapers for their babies.what social functions might have been fufilled by the dower of widows in colonial conneticut? pg.

57-60 150 words The social functions of a dower was to protect women’s financial affairs while living and give them access to divorce. While dower aided women it kept the properties of men for men. Essentially it prevented women from destitution in the event of an (innocent) divorce, unjust marriage, abandonment, absence of husband and or spouses death. The “widow” would be entitled to at least one third of her husbands estate/personal property. She had full use of the lands as far as using it to turn a profit via selling/growing crops, handmade goods or renting structures.

However she did not have the rights to gift or sell the land or estates. This one third rule would only apply after all her husbands financial debts were paid in full. The remainder of estate/personal property would be passed down to the male children of said marriage or to the husbands closest male family member.Comment on the meaning of “Gender as a Social Constuction” pg.8 The break down of Gender as a Social Construct is the idea that our society over time has created a rigid system based on gender that is heavily rooted in religious values. Societies belief that gender is the sole deciding factor as to what roles women and men are ultimately able to play in society as a whole.

It is a carefully constructed set of societal enforced rules on how both sexes are expected to conform and contribute with in specific roles. I think the broader implications of understanding this is giving us the arsenal of knowledge in order to continue to evolve completely past this way of thinking in the future. To break both women and men free of such constraining shackles would mean the opportunity for growth. This growth would be for any and all individuals who strive to make a choice based on personal desires, knowledge and skill instead of our societies ancient rules weighted on gender. We may also use this knowledge of our own society inorder to seperate those ideals and judgments when learning about different societies and cultures. My personal experience definitely affects the way I view Gender as a Social Construct being that I am looking only at the pitfalls of this idea and its long standing negative affects on societies growth in education and productivity. I am bias in a way because I am so passionately against such judgments of ones character, aspirations, and presumed accomplishments based on gender.respond to at least one comment of a classmates using evidence from their post


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