How them? Thereare so many ways we could

How do you feel about death penalty? Do you feel that we should have its ,because I sure do. This rule has been around for a very long time and yet it’s stillhappening. What should this have done? The rate of this has increased anddecreased as every year/day goes by. What should they do to kill them? Thereare so many ways we could kill them for this.

Is this effective? 90% of the people had said that, “The Death penalty had littleeffect overall on the committing of murder.” However how does that help us? Wewant to be safe and not have to worry about walking by a killer. We want thosekind of people to be punished for committing a crime. The world is starting toallow this and then again it’s not. All of us need to come together and get thedeath penalty to happen in places it’s not.20 states don’t have the death penalty, West Virginia is one of them. Why can’tevery 50 states have this? 1959 was the last year with an execution in it, and itwas only men.

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West Virginia abolishes the death penalty in 1965. There were 94executions in the year 1899-1959. For 50 years they would hang the people, in1951 they started using the execution.

People have tried to reinstate the deathpenalty.In some ways, it’s more humane to go to have the death penalty done to them.Instead of having to go to prison for life, they would most likely get killed.

Itcosts less to use the death penalty on them than to send them to prison for life.It also gives closure to families. Donald Trump wants to bring this back and hewants to bring it back stronger than ever. He says they won’t be able to killanyone else if they’re dead. Another thing is that the family doesn’t have to bescarred that the prisoner is sentenced, and will ask to be put back on parol.

In conclusion, the death penalty should be in all states for many reasons. We aretrying to stay safe, and not have families scarred because of someone in theirfamily has gone wrong. We need to have this come back and come backstronger like Trump said. We need all states to have this penalty and not just afew.

We need and want states to have this again so people might actually thinkbefore they do things. People will regret their decisions after they realize whatthey had done and are about to have their life ended.


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