Symbolism moon is a strong, steady, patient guardian

Symbolism is one of the most important techniques in literature; it helps the reader to understand and visualize what the author is trying to convey. In the novel Bless Me Ultima, by Rudolofo Anaya symbolism runs rampant, the sea and the moon represent the conflicting sources pulling apart a young boy approaching the reaching the age of reason.

Antonio M?rez is a seven-year old boy growing up in a house full of conflicting forces. His mother is a Luna, which is Spanish the word for ‘moon.’ The moon is a strong, steady, patient guardian who watches over all that it sees. It also has control of those around it. The Luna’s are simple folk who don’t need much; all they need is the earth and they are satisfied.

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They hope that Antonio will fulfil their dreams and keep their traditions of a simple life alive. At Tony’s birth they proclame “His father, Gabriel, is a M?rez, which means ‘of the sea.’ Gabriel is a turbulent man with deep passions. The sea calls to him and runs through his veins. His friends are wild and free as he once was and hopes his son’s will be.The moon has limited control over the sea but it is still strong.

The sea struggles and fights with all its might but the moon always pushes and pulls the sea as iEnglish Essays

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