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My love for aviation was born at 36,000 feet. All 3954 miles of my first flight foreshadowed the influence it would have on shaping me, to be the attentive and thoughtful ‘aviator’ I am today.

My passion for each aspect of aviation, from the reality of flight to monitoring the financials and logistics of each airline, reflected in the moment my one year old self chose the ‘aeroplane’ to be one of his first spoken words.The first lesson I learned was about developing traits, customs, and skills on the basis of the information before me; I have learned through my enthusiasm for aviation that there can be aspects of any project that I find interesting, even if it is a subject I find overall less enjoyable. Through my interest in the topic I became a well rounded person, who is intrigued by everything. “How is an aircraft weighed?” “Why do planes leave long white trails in the sky?” The answers my parents would occasionally give me never satisfied me. I discovered many answers on my own through research and exploration.I used to hoard anything related to the subject; an entire bookshelf is dedicated to magazines and books I have collected over the course of ten years, and although admittedly childish, I love the stunning model suspended above my bed. My admiration drove me to expand my knowledge, which thrived on the material I had collated; I owe my current research proficiencies to the process of learning.

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As a result, I have been identified by those closest to me, as someone who goes above and beyond what is necessary to do things I love. I, for example, found that having applied the academic skills I had developed from being passionate about aviation, wrote a successful conclusive research paper in physics, on the effect of horizontal components of weight.Flight simulations have proven to be my greatest sources of learning. I am personally fascinated by the reality of taking off in Chicago and travelling halfway around the world to Dubai. Not only has this taught me patience and focus, as a flight such as that can last up to fourteen hours, but it has opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a pilot, possibly one of my greatest aspirations. I chose to take physics and geography as GCSEs because of their relation to aviation. I grew as student who had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and by studying these subjects I have in turn learned so much more.I have never before felt like I have my own space.

I live in a very populated city as an only child with overwhelming parents, and my simulations were utterly obverse to my normal world. I can fly wherever and whenever I want to and this freedom is seemingly unobtainable elsewhere; in this case the sky is no longer my limit. Although I consider my personality to be multifaceted, aviation is part of who I am


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