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In the recent past, outsourcing food services has continued to gain popularity in the business community. Several factors compel an organization to outsource food services. This paper explores the reasons why most business organizations outsource these services besides giving the advantages of food service outsourcing to a management contractor.

Food services are the most commonly outsourced in the business community because many business organizations lack most of the required facilities within their internal settings. To offer efficient and effective food services to its staff, an organization needs to have the required equipment as well as personnel, which is not only costly but also a difficult task in most organizations.

Owing to this, the organizations end up outsourcing food services from entities that have acquired the personnel and equipment necessary to offer high quality food services.

Another reason that has led to the increased outsourcing of food services among many organizations is the dynamic nature of the field. The dynamic technological advancements in the food service make it not only difficult but also expensive for an organization to keep in pace with the changes in the field.

To cut the costs associated with the technological advancements and ensure that the organization has access to up-to-date food services the organization ends up outsourcing food services. Consequently, it is able to receive excellent services while remaining economical and this boosts its reputation in the business world attracting other desirable services to the organization.

Provision of food services tends to be a complex task and this has contributed in making food services the most outsourced service in the business community. This involves all the processes involved from the acquisition of the raw materials, equipment and qualified personnel to the delivery of the end food product to the target group.

Most organizations choose to focus on their core competencies assigning food services’ provision, which is equally important to a third party. This also helps the business organizations to cut the costs involved in providing the complex food services and still gain access to efficient services through outsourcing.

The phenomenon of outsourcing presents several benefits to the management contractor. Working with many clients facing similar challenges enables the management to tailor their services to meet the client’s specific needs. This enables the management to gain expertise in dealing with the specific needs of their clients. It increases the organization’s competitive advantage. Consequently, the contractor is able to acquire and maintain many clients leading to increased profitability of the business.

To the management contractor, every client interaction presents a chance to build the organization’s brand besides strengthening customer relationships. These two aspects help in increasing the demand of the contractor’s services thus increasing the organization’s profitability as well as productivity. The establishment and maximization of customer relationships also help the management contractor in cutting marketing costs thus reducing the operational costs of the organization.

Several aspects drive the advantages in the above discussion. Food service operations require expertise of the service provider, which is difficult for most business organizations to acquire internally. As aforementioned, the process of providing food services is rather complex putting into consideration the various processes involved from the acquisition of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.

Additionally, to offer high quality food services, one cannot avoid keeping in pace with the technological advancements at the various steps in the service delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, provision of food services is a rather delicate matter, which needs expertise to make sure that the products do not present any risk to the consumers.

In conclusion, food services are the most commonly outsourced in the business community because of the need of expertise required in the field as well as the need to cut the costs associated to the complexity of the process. To the management contractor, outsourcing not only helps in sharpening food service skills but also enhances maximization of customer relationships, which increases the organization’s profitability.


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