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Like many other businesses, restaurant management encompasses a wide range of strategies which have to be implemented in order to realize profitable results. Some of these aspects of hotel management include but not limited to revenue enhancement techniques, dining trends, training and development and menu design. This essay analyses The Cheesecake Factory website with reference to these management elements. The first feature that is noticed on the website of The Cheesecake Factory is the identification with customers and visitors.

Before the entire information on the site loads, the visitor is requested to identify his or her location. This implies that the factory values visitors knowing that they are potential customers. Through feedback collected from this question, The Cheesecake Factory can have an understanding of the need to improve website services and cover certain areas as it purposes to maintain high competitive advantage in the restaurant business.

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The overall view of the factory’s homepage is amazing and attractive. At a glance, a visitor can easily tell that the factory operates in the hotel industry. Apart from informative links displayed on this page, there are animations of sample meals which are breath-taking and attractive to eyes and appetite. These animations give a menu link which briefly describes the item together with accompaniments. On the same page, viewers are prompted to search their locations to view a “take out menu” (The Cheesecake Factory 1).

This link gives a map showing all the regions covered with a further search giving the location of the restaurant, additional services like parking and hours of operation. As mentioned above, the homepage gives several informative links for customers and visitors. The menu link gives a welcome note and a list of foodstuffs offered as displayed on the menu. From the welcome note, the customer is introduced to the countless number of foods served (The Cheesecake Factory 1). Moreover, customers are allowed to give specifications of their order for those who require customized meals.

Besides this welcoming in information, customers can view the menu which gives a summarized description of each item including some of their accompaniments and composition. The list is endless, giving a variety for customers to choose from. The site also permits online shopping as customers are given several options from which they can make decisions.

At the center of this is the “order now” link which gives concise information concerning the order and delivery charges. The factory further explains all the charges incurred including the exact cost of the order, shipping and handling charges. It also gives a sketch of the order, indicating measurements to depict size. Cooperate shopping is also allowed in order to serve customers who have bulky orders. Gift cards are also found on the website with a variety of options (The Cheesecake Factory 1).

This allows customers to buy ecards and gift cards from a huge collection. Detailed information about the cards is also given. Analytically, The Cheesecake Factory website is interactive, informative and navigable with a lot of ease.

It literally gives all the information that a customer or visitor could be looking for. It also allows visitors to leave their comments, sent email or even make direct calls to the office whose physical address has also been given. This ensures that all the customer needs are attended to. It can therefore be noted that The Cheesecake Factory observes basic and fundamental principles of hotel management with a solid focus on satisfying the needs of customers through convenient and quality service delivery.

Training and development is enhanced as outlined under the careers’ link. It also enhances revenue through other related business activities. Dining trends and menu designs are exceptional to fully address customer needs.

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