Hospitality hunting and gathering food, are the hearth

Hospitality got a blurry concept, some authors say that is a social and a commercial activity, Lashley (2000) says that hospitality is an overlap of three special domains including private, social and commercial. Heal (1990) says hospitality is a traditional social obligation to provide hospitality to strangers or the poor.I agree commercial hospitality is an extension of hospitality in the home, hospitality can be defined as a set of behaviors originating from the very foundations of society. Sharing and exchanging the fruits of labor, together with mutuality and reciprocity, associated originally with hunting and gathering food, are the hearth of collective organization and commonality.The word of ‘Hospitality’ is pronouns of a service industry.

When people hare this word that people would know there is where to gives cordial, generous reception, kindness, thoughtfulness, warmth and with a genuine smile to make customers feel welcome (Montgomery 2016), so people definition this word is offering something or provide services.  Molz (2008) says, home is important, there are how we understand culture and experience form people. Home is not only to provide sleep and eat. Many people believe home is an amazing place there is where the family starts, there is the location to share joy, emotion also home is where to group the family and friends together. Home can provide space and brings family and friends’ memories.

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Hospitality in the home is also as a business enterprise (Domenico and Lynch 2006) such as Airbnb, it is about renting houses or bedroom for short-term traveling. They can belong anywhere especial backpackers, it makes the traveler feel home belonging while traveling (Molz 2008). In my opinion, belonging is the idea at the core of Airbnb.

Everyone knew they had a place to call home. Such as traveler and host can meet different people, whereby they can share the story about their journey, experience, knowledge, and culture. This is how hospitality in the home.Domenico and Lynch (2006) say commercial hospitality is the relationship between guest and host, or the act or practice of being hospitable, it is dealing with money trading to exchange to provide service and accommodation where the private home, include bed and breakfast to a tourism (Lynch & MacWhannell, 2001). For example, the hotel industry is obvious to see the difference, the level of classification of resort, hotel, and motel are providing a different level of service. Commercial hospitality is a monetary exchange.

Compare with hospitality in the home is completely opposite. Naturalize pull and push factor on the commercial hospitality, when hotel or restaurant can provide good quality service customer would like to pay for the service to enjoy. For example, now a day must Chinese have strong financial to support to travel around the world, they would like to pay for where can offer good standard service. the host has the obligation to provide the service to the customer, following certain rules and providing the proper service contracted. The guest will expect the service to be provided according to what they contracted. Therefore, a different type of host-guest relationship exists within the commercial hospitality, as consumers must pay, as operational and financial professionals, it is important to easily identify customer touchpoints at the property level, but also to observe qualities of the service delivery. The nuances of the service delivery can prove significant as owners and operators strive to improve (Montgomery 2016).

Commercial hospitality was available for those who had no connection to private hospitality or where inadequately privileged to receive the hospitality of the state.Domestic hospitality is based on the reciprocity of friendship, where being a host includes not only domestic chores but also “doing” identity, relations, and friendship (Bilchfeldt & Gram, 2017). In a domestic hospitality have rules are set. The service provided to the guest is according to the relation between host–guest. Lashley (2015) says, most significantly, to offer strangers shelter have been key elements of most religions of duties and obligations. The following section discusses some examples of these religious requirements to provide hospitality to the strangers.

Studies commercial hospitality would provide accommodation and service. For example, many resorts or hotels are providing full service around the clock to the customers. Most significantly, an obligation to offer shelter to strangers the key element of the religion. Hospitality makes customers feel welcome and safe secure, most of hotel or resort have security around the area. My workplace is a casino hotel in Melbourne, they are not only providing high security to customers, also benefit for employees, such as when customer lock themselves in hotel room corridor, staff cannot open the room door to the guest except front desk and security, this how they reduce risk and criminal to protect the customers in hotel, also safe secure hotel is what elderly customer looking for, that guarantees him/her a good living standard. This is not a mere luxury; it is a need.There are many rules in everywhere, even hotel as well. When people are staying in a hotel they will break the rules.

For example, in my workplace (casino hotel) have some guest will smoke in non-smoking room, in the standard rooms have over people to stay in hotel room. Safeguard the interests of both parties, most of the hotels would set the policy between hotel and customer.The tourism environment is increasingly becoming more and more complex. Many countries are losing their tourism industry because of it.

Last few years have some News to take about terror attacks in different cities.  The research Contributor (2016) says terrorism impact Europe’s hotel industry, hotel occupancy levels have a greater impact on an average daily rate between 2004 to 2015. The hotel can provide a safe secure area to the guest, whereas they may not handle terror attacks.To conclude, the main difference between commercial and domestic hospitality is the relation between the host and their guests, where on the domestic a relationship is based on the friendship and a commercial host.

People from different continents and countries express their hospitality in different ways. It all depends on the manners they were taught. Hospitality in numerous countries shakes hands is a common demonstration. At the same time While working in the hospitality business, the person must have a sense of respect and understanding, as well as ability to become accustomed to different cultures.

Hospitality is very important. It is not only provided service to the guest, it leads to better consolidation among people.


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