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Hook for Intro Paragraph: “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me” – Jim ValvanoThesis: Amir and Baba’s relationship, in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner has evolved on their path to modern day living and the experiences they share on that journey.PARAGRAPH I:Topic Sentence: At the beginning of the novel, Amir and Baba’s relationship take place in Afghanistan and is recognized as something which is forced upon each other and the connection they have is only based off blood and not the love a son and father should show for each other.  Evidence/Example:”Baba saw the world in black and white. And he got to decide what was black and what was white. You can’t love a person who lives that way without fearing them too. Maybe even hating him a little” Hosseini 16Comment: Amir is conveying that his feelings toward Baba is out of respect than a feeling like admiration, his relationship with Baba is a love-hate relationship, with intense emotions circling around the both of them, it is sometimes difficult to find a common ground understanding within a relationship so complex like this and living in a place like Afghanistan is a very black and white environment because there is not a lot of flexibility of living outside the status quo.Evidence/Example: “If I hadn’t seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I’d never believe he’s my son” Hosseini 25Comment: Amir prefers writing poetry and reading literature in comparison to playing with the other boys on the soccer field and this is not the type of person that is seen in a environment like Afghanistan and with Baba having a “black and white” mindset, this personality doesn’t sit well with him even though it is his son.Closing Sentence: The beginning of the novel clearly establishes a mood of disarray between Amir and Baba’s relationship which could be blamed on the values and beliefs of Afghanistan but the wanting for a relationship and the need to be loved is very present in Amir’s eyes throughout the hardship between the two.PARAGRAPH II: Topic Sentence: During the middle of the novel, readers experience the fleeing of Amir and Baba from Afghanistan on their path to Pakistan and on this chaotic an abrupt journey, Baba is slowly letting go of his “black and white” mindset and realizing within that as they are adapting to new environments and experiences, his outlook on certain things will also have to change as well.Evidence/Example: “Think of something good,” Baba said in my ear. “Something happy” Hosseini 75Comment: In an Afghanistan-like setting, Baba reaching out to Amir would’ve never been a thing. The gradual escalation from their connection of just blood to reaching out on a personal level like a father to a son should is an immense amount of growth from when they left Afghanistan, the impact that the setting had on their relationship limited Baba from showing his love to his full capacityEvidence/Example: Amir and Baba were travelling to Pakistan via oil tank and when Amir becomes sick, it embarreses his father and percives it as a weakness reflecting back on him. Hosseini (Ch. 11)Comment: When you have lived somewhere for so long, it is not uncommon that someone adapts the environments values and beliefs, when Afghanistan comes to mind, words like harsh, unsafe and strict come to mind, Baba has been living by these ordeals for a long time so when he sees his own flesh and blood portray the complete opposite there is going to be some disappointment, part of evolving and growing a relationship comes hardship and realization, even if situations like this set them back, it only improves the way they are going to communicate in the future and the relationship they get out of this. Closing Sentence: It is both times of hardship and prosperity where readers experience the change of bond between Amir and Baba as they are on a journey to a better life, Amir and Baba end up in the United States and the state of their relationship is as pivotal as ever.PARAGRAPH III: Topic Sentence: Near the end of the novel, Amir and Baba arrive in the United States as a new chapter in their lives has started, Baba and Amir vulnerable and clueless as ever; as the living practices in the US are different like never before must rely on each other to adapt in this new setting. Evidence/Example: “He walked to me, curled his arm around my neck, and gave my brow a single kiss. I am moftakhir, Amir, he said. Proud. His eyes gleamed when he said that and I liked being on the receiving end of that look.” Hosseini (Ch. 11)Comment: It is clear that Amir has an easier time adapting to his new country and the dynamic between Amir and Baba has changed drastically even like if the roles have switched, with Baba now being reliant on Amir to help him with learning America’s new values and beliefs, the relationship between the two is filled with less tension and forcefulness and more ease of showing different emotions and affection.Evidence/Example: “I kneeled beside him and grabbed his arms and said I’m here Baba, I’m here, you’ll be alright, I’m right here. I felt a wetness on my knees. Saw Baba’s bladder had let go. Shhh, Baba jan, I’m here, your son is right here” Hosseini 135-138Comment: Weakness is one thing that Baba is not fond of when Amir portrays this emotion is past scenarios, If Baba were still in Afghanistan he wouldn’t tolerate Amir’s pity and tears even in an instance like this, It just shows that the move from Afghanistan to the United States has completely changed how these two characters react to different situations in a new setting and how those two completely different people have created such a loving relationship.Closing Sentence: With a completely different lifestyle that as entered their life, Baba and Amir have found themselves with a bond unlike no other, social norms and preconceived attitudes dictated their relationship for too long, the accepting of one another in a modern society has lead them to form a relationship that every father and son should have.CONCLUSION – first sentence only: Thesis Restated: Amir and Baba’s relationship has developed immensely from the change in environment, Baba was very limited to the type of father he could be in Afghanistan but with modern day aspects incorporated into their new life in the United States, Amir and Baba’s relationship was able to reach its full potential.


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