Hook: you guys believe me but it’s

Hook: For starters,let me just tell you that Pitbulls are such misunderstood animals and if you don’t love them they don’t love you either so what i’m trying to say is give them a chance. Claim (topic sentence):Pitbulls make good pets Reasons:1.Loving2.protective3.

playful Reason#1:They are very loving animals Evidence: So far in my experience, “Yes I have one myself and if you get to know my rusty (my adorable pitbull) then you would love her and she would love you too.” ” Explain:Well this explains why there so loving and everyone should have a pitbull puppy And there’s nothing more cuter than a puppy am i right. (well that’s just my opinion) https://pethelpful.com/dogs/PitBullPuppiesandDogsExplain: Well this explains a lot doesn’t it.

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 how do i know well i have one myself and all they want to do is lick lick lick you until you fall or something like that”Thank god i’m a dog person am I right. (lol) Evidence: Pitbulls love to cuddle,and be cute. Don’t be afraid when a pitbull comes up to you jumps on the couch and lays down it just means it wants to cuddle and go to sleep.

Explain: See don’t be afraid when a pitbull comes close there not there to hurt you there here to Love you FOREVER and EVER!!!! Reason#2:Protective Evidence: ” If you were to witness someone coming up your driveway they would be there in a second to bark so you would hear and be able to look out the window to see who it is. Explain: Well this proves that they are protective doesn’t it. “Yes it does”Evidence: “They say that pitbulls sense somebody from 1 mile away”Well I don’t know if that’s true but it’s ok. Explain:Well now you know that they can be a little overprotective am I right. Evidence: Do you know the myth that dogs chase cats well that’s just to protect another person from getting hurt and I know you might not believe me but it’s true.

Explain:I don’t know if you guys believe me but it’s true. Reason#3:playful Evidence: Pitbulls are very playful and very active so this means that they will need lots and lots of water after playing/running around outside.Explain: Well now you know that they need lots and lots of water.

Evidence:Pitbulls love to play catch,tug-a-war,and lots more and you can play with them.Explain: They love to lay with their masters.Evidence: Don’t worry if you have another dog they will play just fine with him/her;And if you see them fighting there really just playing. Explain: there really just playing am I right. Counter Argument: Opponent may say: “Pitbulls are harmful.” Rebuttal:For those who say that  there  harmful, there actully here to portect you and love you forever so DON’t and I MEAN don’t say that at all!!Opponent may say: ” Pitbulls hate kids!” Rebuttal: Actully they love kids and they will love and portect them forever so don’t say that please and thank you!Conclusion (restate claim): Pitbulls don’t make good pets, They make perfect pets.Restate Reasons:1.Loving2.portective3.playful So what I said before give them a chance because all they want to do is love you forever!!


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