Honorable Syria, another problem is the likely resurgence

Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,The delegate of Russian Federation strongly recommends discuss theagenda focused on how to destroy militants in Iraq’s western regions in orderto prevent the comeback of ISIS to Syria, and how to exclude the revival of theIslamic Caliphate there regarding on the agenda seeking ways to restore orderin the formerly IS-Controlled region and to prevent the reconstruction of suchterrorist groups. The beginning of ISIS starts back when the jihadists exploited thechaos and divisions within both Syria and Iraq. IS grew out of what was al-Qaedain Iraq, and the group joined the rebellion against President Bashar al Assadin Syria, where it found shelter and easy to access weapons.In 2013, the group began seizing control of territory in Syria andchanged its name to Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS or ISIL). At itspeak, around 10 million people were living in territory under IS control. Exact number of casualties from the conflict with IS are not availabledue to the inaccessibility of many areas and the conflicting reports from thevarious partied to the war there. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, aUK-based monitoring group, reported in December 2017 that it had documented thedeaths of more than 346,600 people, including 103,490 civilians, since theuprising against President Bashar al-Assad began March 2011.

But it noted thatthe figure did not include 56,900 people who were missing and presumed dead. As ISIS is now being forced outof Iraq and Syria, another problem is the likely resurgence of hostilitiesbetween rival groups. Already Iraqi forces have pushed the Kurds back from landthey took during the fight against IS around Kirkuk.Russia’s jets began air strikes against terrorists in Syria inSeptember 2015, along with supporting the al-Assad regime to defeat ISIS.

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 Even though the annual number of casualties has decreased slightlyeach year since 2014, still more than 10thousand innocent victim is not anumber that can be neglected, so this delegate strongly believes that effortsare needed until there are clearly no more of damage.Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,The Delegate of Russian Federation strongly recommends SecurityCouncil to discuss upon both major and minor reasons of why citizens inEuropean countries are unfavorable of accepting refugees in their countries andseek for its solutions regarding the Agenda Migration in 2017: How toaccommodate and/or promote integration of Syrian refugees in Europeansocieties. Since 2000 July, Bashar al-Assad has ruled Syria as a president andfrom then, the ongoing violence against civilians has been condemned by theArab League, the European Union, the United States and other countries.Currently in Jan 2018, more than 5.4million Syrians have registered in UNHRC.

Russia is one of the countries that still issued Syrians with touristentry visas. Adding on, some connections Russia and Syrians have made therefugees choose Russia as their country of asylum. Russia actively provided humanitarian aid to Syrians in Syria andneighboring Jordan and Lebanon.

In 2016, Russia has provided $300,000 to theUNHRC for Syrian refugees and more than $500,000 to help internal refugees inSyria. In 2013-2015, Russia’s Emergency Ministry took 35 flights to Syria andneighboring Jordan and Lebanon, delivering more than 600 tons of humanitarianaid. Nevertheless, educations were provided for Syrian refugees in Noginskand Losino-Petrovsky by Civil Assistance and the UNHRC. The representatives ofthe school said that the school is organized for Syrian children to study notonly Russian but also mathematics, Arabic and other subjects.Unfortunately,Russia’s support for Syria, in fact, is only extending to its armed forces,with less attention given to the ones reaching for aids in the country.

In July2017, only two Syrian citizens were given refugee status in Russia. In January2017, 1,317 Syrian citizens were given temporary asylum but by summer thenumber had fallen to 1,301. Syrianrefugees in European countries are getting more unwelcomed by the citizens andthe government year by year. There are social and economical reasons followedby prejudice of the Muslims.Also,as for the delegate of Russian Federation, the country’s stance is that it ishardly available to extend or determined of accepting refugee status in thecountry due to such political reasons that should later be specified. But thisdelegate is opened to any other suggestions on overcoming the crisis by sucheconomical and humanitarian aids or such that are not far from the country’sstatnce.


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