Honorable socioeconomically marginalised. Besides, this country currently faces

Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations, TheDelegate of Germany strongly argues that she agrees to the Agenda on Agenda itemB.Over the past three years, the world has faced an immense security hazard from theIslamic State (IS) which is one of the most notorious terrorist groups. Numerouscountries in the West and the Middle East have been significantly influenced by thisthreat.

One of the reasons why the threat is so harmful is due to the aggressive wayISIS operates. Sleeper cells which mean a secretive group of spies or terrorist agentsthat remain inactive within a target population until ordered to act,are in all over theworld. Sleeper cells are used to carry out attacks far beyond the reach of IS’sconventionally-held territory. Therefore, this delegate strongly believes that UnitedNations should monitor and prevent Sleeper cells, which is one of the ways to prepareand operate terrorism of them,Moreover, in order to respond to this threat, continuing multilateral securitycooperation and intelligence is needed and Germany is particularly vulnerable toinfiltration by IS such as terrorist group for a number of political, geographic, andsocioeconomic reasons. Equally, the large Muslim minorities present in manyEuropean states are particularly vulnerable to radicalisation, especially in states wherethese minorities are socioeconomically marginalised.Besides, this country currently faces dual security threats both from the violence ofIS sleeper cells and nationalists hate crimes in response to high numbers of migrants.These problems are further complicated by Continental European states’ openborders. The EU has thus focused on common border security agencies.

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More than950 people from Germany went to join Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, some 20percent of them women and 5 percent minors. Germany was damaged by ISISreturning from war zones in Syria and Iraq, which could grow into a new generationof recruits in Germany for the Islamic State group and which become one of the mainfactors that are threatening Germany government practically.Also, Germany has banned the extremist group “Islamic State,” whose fighters haveseized substantial amounts of territory in northern Iraq and Syria.

The interior ministerrefer to the group as a threat “also for Germany.”In conclusion, the delegate of Germany insists that the united nations should keep aneye on the terrorist groups to restore order in the Formerly IS-governed area and toprevent the reconstruction of such sinister terrorist groups. By doing so, the UN canbe a real guardian angel for the peace of the world.


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