Introduction structure, which brought homosexuals into existence.


Due to the increased acceptance and changing societal perceptions towards same sex marriages, many gays and lesbians have opted to become parents through adoption. In addition, with the current legalization of the practice in some global communities, more so in some states in the U.S., for example, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California, the practice is spreading at a faster rate than many anticipated. Although the practice has received immense support from a section of the society, adoption bodies, and civil unions, the safety and future wellbeing of children brought up by gays is questionable; same sex relationships or marriages being a practice detested by a bigger section of the contemporary society.

Yes, every citizen has a right to enjoy their democratic freedom and fundamental rights; however, what if such rights infringe innocent children’s rights or jeopardize to a greater extent the security and future wellbeing of children? Further, although homosexuals deserve equal rights to have family, homosexuality goes against the traditional family structure, which brought homosexuals into existence. Hence, although individuals may give which form of justifications to support the homosexuals’ quest to adopt children, practically, the issue is morally wrong, because as research studies show, the traditional family structure plays a very crucial role in upbringing of children. Considering this, and for the well growth of children, in environment that nurture them to fit properly in the ever-changing societies, societies should completely ban the idea of homosexuals adopting children (Reckers 1).

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Why Homosexuals Should Not Be Allowed To Adopt Children

Primarily, the process of adoption entails taking responsibility and ensuring that children enjoy their fundamental rights; hence, in formulating any adoption laws, one thing that most legislators assume is that, it is the wellbeing of children that is as stake and not the satisfaction of foster parents’ wants. Yes, no one should be denied the rights to adopt children; however, what if the conditions under which such children will thrive are not conducive for their wellbeing? Children have a right to grow under good parental care, which should be coupled with environments that encourage development of their personality.

Although most supporters of homosexuality may argue that, even gays can be good parents, so long as they have all the supportive resources, most of them rarely take into consideration the degree of acceptability and effects of the practice on the wellbeing of children’s future behavioral orientations. Psychologically, children learn by coping from their next kin and surroundings; therefore, it is of great significance for parents to expose their children to morally acceptable and cherished values; which, same sex marriages rarely provide. It is very illogical to for parents who are homosexuals to encourage their children to be straight and expect their children to follow such an advice, when the nature of their relationship opposes that. On the other hand, as research studies show, as compared to heterosexuals, homosexuals have high suicidal, depression, and violence tendencies. Therefore, considering the significance of the traditional marriages in providing children with the necessary developmental support, it is important for societies to ban the concept of homosexuals adopting children (Scruton Para. 1-4).

Another reason why homosexuals should not adopt children is that, homosexuality exposes children to numerous developmental problems. Most children reared by homosexuals are never proud of their parents, because most of them fear intimidation from their peers. This can be very detrimental to a child’s development of children’s personality and sociability; hence, the tendency of most of these children being gloomy.

Yes, homosexual parents may provide secure environments for leaning to take place; however, can they provide the nature of lessons children learn from their peers? The answer is no, because parental love only sets the foundation for development of good personality traits, whereas the environment shapes any trait developed. Chances of most children with homosexual parents being bullied in school or being victims of stress are high, because even children know or have been though by their parents that homosexuality is not a morally acceptable practice. Therefore, to facilitate the development of health relationships between children, fro purposes of insightful learning to take place, the society should encourage the adoption of children by traditional types of families (Saletan 1). In normal societal environments, the main significance of a family is procreation, for purposes of continuation of the human species.

This is a concept, which homosexuality does not embrace, because practically, it is impossible for homosexuals to sire. Therefore, the idea of allowing homosexuals to adopt children can greatly jeopardizes the wellbeing of the society, because homosexuality limits people’s ability to procreate. Although most proponents of this idea oppose this notion by arguing that, the society has enough numbers of heterosexual to populate the world, encouraging the idea of homosexuals adopting children can greatly erode this significance of a family unit. In addition, because in most cases most homosexual relationships lack the concept of procreation, most of their relationships are unstable. Hence, by supporting the homosexuals bid to adopt children, it means that that society has accepted to put more children at a higher risk ending up in foster homes, instead of getting them out of foster homes (Rekers Para. 16-19).


In conclusion, although every individual has a right to adopt a child, it is important for children fostering organizations to not only consider the amount of resources that an individual has to support a child, but also the nature of environment this child will be reared in. This is due to the fact that, the wellbeing and health growth of a child depends on many factors, for example, environmental influences; hence, if a child is denied this, likelihoods of that child developing psychological, social, mental, and emotional disorders are high.

Therefore, considering the numerous negative influences associated with homosexuality on child development, it is important for societies to discourage the idea of allowing homosexuals to adopt children, by banning the practice completely.

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