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Homework must be banned! I believe 95% of students would strongly agree with this specific argument.
Every pupil has the right to enjoy pleasurable activities, such as karate, singing lessons, sports, dance classes etcetera. Because of these chosen activities, they do not have the time they need to complete homework or even start homework. Although, most of these students believe that this is their homework students obviously need to work on/practise their extracurricular activities. Instead, they should be enjoying what they love to do. Rather than doing stressful homework All afternoon.
Due to excess homework; this takes away family time such as going to dinner, playing games and spending valuable bonding time with family members. instead, they should be focusing on their class, not homework given by the teacher generally expected by the next day.
Students like me are sick and tired of trying to complete the excessive amount of homework.
homework is leading to Ginormous amounts of stress on students to complete their assigned homework in a short period of time, this is unhealthy for students of all ages. Students go home and just want to have fun and Socialize with their friends, but instead, they are forced to do their homework. By doing so, homework leads to anxiety, restlessness and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Thus, causing stress.
although homework is needed to improve students grades so they can achieve more knowledge thus, doing homework.

What does homework apply well in my opinion, honestly none I have learnt very little by doing homework. Most students around the world have very little interest in homework. In my perspective, tired students will come home to start their boring homework, only to lose interest and from that, they get the answers incorrect and receive boring punishments at school.


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