Homepage equity provider in the infrastructure ventures in

HomepageYour partner in development.Unleashing Infrastructure development to emancipate the people of KSA.

Investing in Greenfield and Brownfield Infrastructure projects across the region.OverviewTowards a better tomorrow for all.Banan Aloula Investment Company, BAIC, was incorporated in Jeddah in 2017 by entrepreneurs having decades of experience in setting up and managing successful companies across multiple sectors. The founders of the company can take pride in their experience in developing & managing infrastructure assets both in the KSA and regionally.The Company is a long tenure equity provider in the infrastructure ventures in Power, Water, Aviation and Social sectors. These funds translate into tangible assets, either directly for our wholly owned companies or for our public / semi-public sector partners/clients, and serve the community by providing them with services across a multitude of sectors. Aviation, Power &Water, Agribusiness, Hospitals & Healthcare entities are a sample of the sectors where the Banan footprint is visible.

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The company is driven by the assistance of strong relationships with international entities who hold name as solution providers and possess the skills necessary to develop and operate infrastructure assets across sectors, anywhere in the world. This is backed by a long experience in doing business in KSA and relationships with concession grantors / Govt. bodies as well as Saudi lenders. This combined with the experience in Saudi construction sector and strong interaction with Saudi business houses creates a win-win situation for all. The lead sponsors of BAIC are:Abdullah Almoammar, Principal Partner Having a BS Industrial Engineering degree, he brings to the company a vast experience of setting up and managing diverse Industrial undertakings in the capacity of founder, executive board member / CEO of companies that include joint stock companies quoted on the stock exchange. He is also on the board of a holding company that has funded educational Institutions where thousands of individuals are enrolled.

He also has a vast investment experience at leading the Al Masirah international industrial Investments CompanyFerras M. N. Ali, Principal Partner Has a three decade long experience in managing operations in various sectors. He has been the Managing Director of contracting companies as well the country Managing Director of a leading global Oil exploration and marketing company. He has track record in overseeing multi-million dollar projects in KSA, GCC and Iraq. He is expert in managing large scale industrial and infrastructure projects in the Oil and Gas, Water & Energy Management Systems, Industrial Cities, etc.

that required business development, strategy formulation, direct management and governorship of multiple enterprises Hamad N. Alsuleman, Managing PartnerHas a vast experience in management consulting and strategic partnership formation having overseen as CEO and in other capacities formal associations with capital providers, technology and consultancy companies from the continental Europe. He has overseen supply chain management solutions that went beyond the routine to create a trading market for the community that was complemented by training. He has special expertise in Airports infrastructure development and operations having been a part of BOT concessions Tabuk, AlWajeh and Taif Airports. He has advised and creating twenty one Airport operation Manuals for most of the domestic airports in the KSA.

Mission & Vision: The company aims to create a diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets that ultimately serve the community while also creating value for our shareholders, investors and employees. We aim to be the force for infrastructure development initially in the KSA and then the GCC countries and beyond. Our objective is to be a part of the growth story that is now being written across the Kingdom. BAIC stands to become the partner of choice for international companies that plan to invest in infrastructure in the KSA. We aim to develop expertise in select sectors to aim investments across GCC and beyond. We shall endeavor to work to materialize our dream “Today the KSA, Tomorrow the World.” Values:Integrity:We provide cost effective solutions through honesty in our operations.

Working legally, we ensure that our commitments are realistic and that we make good on promises. Operating within the letter and spirit of law is the cornerstone of our policy. Transparency:As an evolving business that is growing to meet regional challenges, we ensure that whatever we say or pen is honest, complete and does not mislead in anyway.

We strive to provide relevant and accurate information, timely. This allows us ownership of our actions and helps develops trust in our employees and patrons alike.Quality:We act to maintain the quality of work at all times so that the development projects we undertake remain of utility beyond their expectancy. Commitment:We stand committed to our partners, investors and the community we serve, in everything we undertake. This brings returns for all, growth for the patrons and durable development for the community. Embracing opportunitiesWe embrace new openings and ideas and remain flexible and creative in approaching a situation. This results in optimized solutions for all.

Care: We care for the well-being and safety of the personnel working at our projects. Sustainable Development:We plan and execute our projects in a manner that takes care of the environment. Being a responsible corporate entity, we know that after all we share the same planet and have a collective responsibility of safeguarding it from any abuse.ServicesBAIC invests in premium quality infrastructure projects including Public Private Partnership projects (PPP/PFI/P3) that carry long-term, stable cash-flows.We form strategic partnerships with important players in the targeted sectors that include but are not limited to conventional electric power, alternative energy generation through clean technologies, airports, buildings, industrial facilities, and Healthcare Centers.

BAIC may form sector specific holding companies who would invest in business opportunities on their own or as a consortium with other project specific partnersThe principals bring to the company hands-on experience in project development, finance, engineering, procurement, construction, and operations leveraged through an international network of contacts and associations with people that matter. BAIC therefore offers a special perspective to its patrons by acting both as potential developer/investment partner or and as sector experts having the skills to make this intricate business succeed.Contact:Hearing from our patrons and the community we serve is always a pleasure. Queries and/or suggestions may be directed to:XxcccXxdddTelephone:Fax:webmaster@ ………..


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