Home in college. For few workers, in order

Home is a place of people who live together in a group of family. At some reasons, living away from home were needed. For example, some students in Yogyakarta live away from home by living in a boarding house or dormitory because they have to study and live near their college for conveniences. According to the info that got before, new college students who study in Yogyakarta mostly come from outside the city, even from outside Java. Some students are still in the same province but the area where they live and where they are studying is too far away. Due to this, they choose to find a boarding house or a dormitory to stay as long as they are in college. For few workers, in order to save time of transportation, they choose to live near their workplace. For some people, they just want to live independently from their family.

As we can see, there are many reasons to live away from home. For some students, there are a lot of joy and sorrow live in a boarding house or a dormitory. Maybe if people who just lived in a boarding house will feel happy because it is free from the rules of parents. It is just the first feeling, you will feel what the meaning of homesick after a fairly long stay in the boarding house.

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The first difference that can be noticed is the living condition. Most of your own home is the most comfortable place to live. We can creates a feeling of being secure, and near to the family. For example, if you had any problem, you can share with your family and they can give you any solution or any direct help. If you have siblings, you can share your happiness with them and have many activities together such as playing games, watching movies, and others. Having a good relationship with family can makes you realize that how valuable your family is.Living at home is not the only a pleasure of feeling but also make you feel more comfort. At home, you can get plenty of facilities and food.

You never worry about the dirty clothes because you do not need any laundry service because there might have someone to wash you clothes or you only throw it to the washing machine. For food, you can eat as you want because the food is your parents will take a responsibility about that. You will not thinking about spending money for foods. In contrary, living in a boarding house or dormitory is a little bit invoncenience.

For example, when you feel hungry you must have to go out to the supermarket or any food store to get some food. But now getting food is easy, food delivery service were the most important for them. Moreover, in order to save on spending money, you must estimate your own consumption and you should have a deposit if something happens suddenly. Living in a boarding house does not mean you will feel less convenience. You can have your necessary facilities and you still have friends, colleagues, boyfriend or girlfriend that you can share your emotion.

You will not feeling lonely when you living away from home, and you might feel more happy with them.The second difference is independence.


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