Hofstede of individual behavior for enhancing and improving

Hofstede has developed a framework for cross- cultural communication in the form of cultural dimensions theory. The theory provides how the values of the members of a society get impacted by the society’s culture. It also demarcates the relation between behavior and values through factor analysis. The theory established by Hofstede is utilized in various fields including cross- cultural psychology, cross- cultural communication and international management. The cultural dimensions theory by Hofstede has acted as an inspiration for a number of cross- cultural studies correlated with values and culture.
This assignment is focused on the cultural dimensions model of Hofstede and highlights its background, cultural dimensions and commonly held criticisms along with the examples of business expansions that can be described by the characteristics of national culture of the involved companies. The assignment also focuses on the adaption of individual behavior for enhancing and improving the chances of success in cross- border business development.


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