Hitler to build a new state type

Hitler and Napoleon
were both monarchs. Hitler belongs to the 20th century; in contrast,
Napoleon belongs to the 19th century.  Hitler was born is Braun an Am Inn which is a
town in Austria-Hungary on the border with Germany while Napoleon was born in Corsica
which is an island south-east of France. They both are similar in most of the
things as they similar in

Hitler and Napoleon had
a lot of similarities. They both were immigrants in the country that they ruled
at the end. They both conquered most of Europe. They both have the same point
of view about fighting; they both had a radical view about it. They both were
very quick in their fighting. They both were coming from a middle-class background;
they attained the ranks of corporal in the armies. They both were so ambitious
and dreamer, also they were imaginative when it comes to gain personal powers.
They both wanted to make their people the masters of Europe. They both
conducted a military campaign in North Korea. The most remarkable and important
similarity between Hitler and Napoleon are how they become monarchs in a
previously democratic society and what they did after that. They were accepted
as monarchs for three reasons. Firstly both countries were dying to return back
the strength of the monarchy. Secondly, both countries were tired of inflation
and afraid of invasion threats. Finally, both militaries preferred aggressive
patriots instead of a politician.  Both
countries were needed someone because of economic chaos. Both men were wanted to
build a new state type with a new social order. They both enjoyed the advantage
of having the unlimited power; they both use this power very well, very careful
and legal. When they have this power they do not let their people down and do
much for their countries as they put vigorous economic plans which balance the
budget of their country, as Napoleon balanced the budget in 1802 which it had
not been balanced for more than 70 years, Hitler balanced budget in 1938. They shared a lot of similarities; they were also similar in
some of their characteristic. Hitler and Napoleon had a lot of similarity in
their life.

Although Hitler and Napoleon
had a lot of similarities, they also had some differences. They had not born in
the same city not even in the same country.  They were not the same tall, Hitler was much
taller. There are also different in the country they ended up ruling, for
example, Hitler ruled Germany, unlike Napoleon who ruled France. There were
also different in the armies power, Hitler’s armies were much powerful and technologically
transcend Napoleon’s army, for example, Hitler’s air-force was very powerful
which helped him in conquering vast of areas of Europe and North Africa. In
contrast, Napoleon depended on the mind and focused on military genius and
strategy. Napoleon invaded Spain, unlike Hitler who did not invade it. The most
significant difference between Napoleon and Hitler was how they felt about Jews.
Hitler hated Jewish so much because he thought that they are responsible for
huge events like losing world war one, he also said all Germany’s problems had
been caused by the Jews. Unlike Napoleon who believed that their religions
should be removed and place them with the same level as Protestants and
Catholics, Napoleon wished to persuade all the Jews from all over the world to
come and settle in France and take a full part in nation’s life. They also
differ in how the people consider them, as, people consider Hitler as a savage,
killer and murderous psychopath unlike Napoleon whom been considered as a
patriotic ambitious leader. They both had a lot of differences in so many

Hitler and Napoleon had
some similarities and also some differences. There were different rumors about
them and people had been divided between if what they did is right or wrong. As
Desmond Seward said, “I certainly deprecate any comparison between Herr Hitler and
Napoleon: I do not wish to insult the dead. Winston Churchill, speech at Harrow
in December 1940”. Desmond Seward deprecate and
comparison between Hitler and Napoleon as most people do.






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