Hi,Information been compared with other companies and

Hi,Information systems play an important role in the business management and development of an organization. Information systems have evolved from a work tool to a competitive strategy which generates the business models based on the development.Evolution of Information systems:Since the computers appeared in the early days, information systems have been incorporated in the systems in the companies. Earlier information systems have been a tool which is used for improving the management activities.

Information systems have first been implemented in the companies in the early 1960s as an account managing system. These accounting features have been compared with other companies and it has been made the requirement for the companies and have made as accounting software.Trends:Along with the time information systems have evolved and advanced into efficient systems. This helped to improve the growth and development of the business activities and gaining the competitive advantage. Further these information systems have been made as artificial intelligence computer systems and helps to broadcast the business performance.Information systems also used to enable simulation and modeling techniques which is done in the computer and to store the data in the data bases.

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Future trends include the rapid growth in the development of information system and addition of programming languages. Technical trends will include open software and mobile applications which is used in the M-commerce.Both the articles provide the information regarding the Information systems infrastructure and help to know the importance in trends and evolution of the information systems.Reference:Gomez. H. G. 2013.

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