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  High yield Exchange  Traded Fund Marketing and Communication Strategies, CRM   A summary of new High Yield Exchange traded fund which will launch, steps taken in marketing and communication and CRM to be followed.

              Submitted to : Lina La Rocca   Submitted By  :  Ripalben Patel (c0687767)                               Midhun Rajagopalan (c0689499)                                        Alby Sebastian (c0691883)     Submitted On  : January 12, 2018                                                          Table of Content   Content Page number Introduction 2 Marketing and Communication strategies 2 Product 2 Price 3 Place 3 Promotion 4 Physical Evidence 4 Brochure and Logo 4 People 5 Process 5 Customer Relationship Management 5 Tracking Customer Contacts 6 Staff Development 6 Customer Experience Strategy 6 References 7  IntroductionExchange Traded Fund is a type ofinvestment fund traded on stock exchange. ETF tracks an index, a commodity,bond or a basket of assets like an index fund. An ETF trades on a stockexchange like the common stock, and it has higher liquidity and lower fees than a mutual fund. This makes them anattractive alternative for individual investors.An ETF is a type of fund that owns the underlying assets (shares of stock, bonds, oil futures, gold bars, foreigncurrency, etc.) and divides ownership of those assets into shares.

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The actualinvestment vehicle structure (such as a corporation or investment trust) can bevaried by country, and within a country there can be multiple structures thatco-exist. Shareholders do not have any direct claim to the underlyinginvestments in the fund; rather they indirectly own all these assets.S&P 500 Index also known as the Spider(SPDR) is one of the widely known ETFs and it trades under the ticker SPY.  Sector ETFs exist that track individualindustries such as oil companies (OIH), energy companies (XLE),financial companies (XLF), REITs (IYR),the biotech sector (BBH), and so on.CommodityETFs exist to track commodity prices including crude oil (USO), gold (GLD),silver (SLV),and natural gas (UNG)among others. ETFs that track foreign stock market indices exist for mostdeveloped and many emerging markets, as well as other ETFs which track currencymovements worldwide.  Exchange traded funds have its origin in theyear 1990 and it has been available to investors for over 25 years.

It allbegan with TIPS, the first ETF that was created and traded on theToronto Stock Exchange in April 1990. It also predicted that by February 2018ETF AUM will reach 135 billion.  Marketing and Communication strategies         As we are introducing our new High Yielding ExchangeTraded Funds, we would like to introduce a marketing mix which enables theproper marketing and communication our new product to new prospective customersas well as our existing ones. Product: Our product  isnew High yield Exchange Traded Fund, which enables the investors to invest in ainvestable fund which is more secure and more liquid than regular mutual fund.We introduce our new product with a primary objective of providing higherincome to our investors and also provide capital appreciation as secondary objective.Key facts are asfollows:Fund Symbol:                          FTEV Fund Launch Date:                 January25, 2018Primary Listing:                      TSXYield:                                      4.

42%Net asset ofshares:                  $25 millionThe mainattraction of our product is that, it have low MER and there is no front endand back end charges. PriceInorder to attract more and more investors, we have kept our MER as lowest aspossible, with no front or back end charges. The price strategy we put for ourproduct is MARKET PENETRATION PRICE STRATEGY, we believe that with thisstrategy we are able to attract new investors or even first time investor byretaining our existing customers.Asour product is providing high returns along with capital appreciation, we areexpecting with minimal fees more and more investor shows willingness to buyinto our stocks and with a success of our product in the market we can slowlyincrease the MER also make our High yield ETF for front and back end chargeslater. Place Channel through with our product will bedistributed are:1.      TheIndependent broker-Dealer channel – Independentbroker-dealer firms may be of any size, but most are small (fewer than1,000 advisors), and advisors are affiliated independent contractors ratherthan direct employees. Many ETF strategist firms have focused theirdistribution efforts primarily on the independent broker-dealer channel.

                                             2.    The Registered InvestmentAdvisor Channel – RIA are one of the fastest-growing retail channelswithin asset management. Fueling that growth is the number of wire houseadvisors who are now striking out on their own, a development that presents aspecial opportunity for ETF strategists. RIAs are also viewed as being onthe cutting edge of investment management and willing to take a chance on newproducts. These advisors have tended to been more open to ETF strategists,in large part because many strategist firms originated from the RIAchannel.

 3.    The Regional Broker (DealerChannel) – Regional broker-dealers are firms with astrong concentration of offices in one region of the nation; financialadvisors are tied employees of the firm. Randy Bullard, senior managingdirector at Cantor Fitzgerald’s ETF solution group, notes that the channelhas strong proprietary platforms supportive of ETF strategist distribution, andsome regional broker-dealers have created dedicated programs for strategists. 4.      TheWire-house Channel – The wire-house channel is comprised oflarge, full-service broker-dealer firms, with national distribution, investmentbanking, and brokerage. Wire- houses offer a high concentration of assets perclient relationship.

 Promotion:Forthe promotion of our product, we would like to use the PUSH STRATEGY. As we aregoing to introduce special an incentive schemes for our on role employees forachieving the target over their regular incentives and commission. Also to thechannels of our distribution a special commission bonus on achieving targetedunits.Webelieve that with push strategy, we can motivate our channels to sell more ofour product and thereby achieve the targeted unit within the time limit. PhysicalEvidence:Asphysical evidence to our product we have deigned a brochure and Logo:          PeopleThisinvestment fund will be handled by the professional managers and there detailsare as follows:        William Housey, CFA; Senior Vice President        Scott D. Fries, CFA; Senior Vice President        Orlando Purpura, CFA, CMT; Senior Vice President  Process:     CustomerRelationship Management Technique  Tracking Customer ContactsAn important aspect of CRMis tracking and logging all contacts with customers and prospective customers.The nature and outcome of all contacts should be monitored to identify areas ofpotential conflict before they arise, and to understand which contactexperiences customers are happy with and which ones may need adjustment.Follow-up calls to customers after any support or service interaction must besensitively managed, as it is possible to annoy customers by initiating toomuch customer communication.

Staff DevelopmentStaff need to be aware atall times of the prevailing business culture regarding customer relationships.A key area to look at is the development of communication skills. This isparticularly important in businesses employing technical support staff. It isimportant that technical staff, who have one-to-one contact with customers attimes when customers are experiencing problems, understand the importance ofmaintaining a positive, personal approach in all dealings with customers.Understanding how to resolve the technical issues that the customer may beexperiencing is important, but supplying the customer with a positiveexperience may be the difference in retaining the customer and the customerlooking elsewhere in the future. All staff who comes into contact withcustomers or their representatives should receive ongoing training in thedevelopment of interpersonal skills.

Be sure to let all staff know that everycontact with a customer or potential customer is a possible sales contact.Customer Experience StrategyDefininga customer experience strategy involves identifying the level of service thecompany expects to provide to its customers. For example, a customer experiencestrategy might include the goal that there must be a response to all customercomplaints within a certain time, if the complaint could not be resolved withthe initial contact. Another might be to ensure that customers deal with oneparticular person in the resolution of all issues, or the processing of salesand delivery of goods and services. Staff should be made aware that the definedcustomer services policy is important to the business, and not an optional setof guidelines.

The customer policy must be effectively communicated to allstaff at all times, and staff should be encouraged to participate in thedevelopment of customer experience strategies, bringing the results of theirexperience to the process. References: (bizfluent, 2018)(Black rock, 2017)(Investopedia)(State Street Global Advisor, 2017)                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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