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Hi my name is Emily Robertson and I would like to be part of the 2018-2019 student council. I have never been apart of student council and it seems interesting. The reason I would like to be apart of student council because I want to help out with the school and do fundraisers. I will put 110% into everything I do. I am hard working, encouraging, positive, and energetic. I want to make a difference in our school and in our community.

I want to be known around the school and make my mark. I am good at working in groups and communicating. I would like to be treasurer because I am good at math. I would like to do student council because I don’t like being bored after school and it seems fun. When I see people doing fundraiser it makes me want to do one but I couldn’t because I wasn’t in student council.I want to challenge myself to be a better person and spread positivity.

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We could do a fundraiser and the money we saved up we could donate to charity or we could go around town and help the people in need. We could also do fundraisers for the school.


I'm Mary!

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