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Hi Emily,It has been five months since I moved to London to study and last wrote to you. I’m so excited you are coming to visit me. I’m writing to you to share with you the main three areas of difference between Vietnam and the UK in regards to food and drink, geography and population and climate and weather.

To begin, Pho is one of Vietnam’s traditional foods. It made from rice noodles, beef or chicken, and other spices. Pho is cheap, tasty and easy to cook. Whereas, British people don’t eat rice noodles. On the other hand, according to Britain traditional website, British people eat fish and chips as traditional food.

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The dish contains a piece of fish, usually cod, that is dipped in butterfat then deep-fried. In addition, fish and chips have been in English recipe books since the 19th century.I think the amount of tea drinking in the UK and Vietnam is similar. While British people love drinking tea in the morning,  Vietnamese people prefer enjoying tea in the evening when they have free time. Coffee is now as popular in Britain as tea is. People either drink it with milk or have it black.

Most drinks in the UK, including beer, are usually served with less ice, unlike in Vietnam.I will tell you about the differences between Vietnam and the UK in term of geography and population. The Worldometers website reported that Vietnam citizens in 2017 at 95.54 million and ranks number 15 in the list of country by population. Additionally, Vietnam has small surface area and at 329.465 square kilometers and it is located in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is quite mountainous, it also owns lots of hills and mountains filled with forest, especially the extreme North and Northwest. Instead of United Kingdom, the population is constantly changing and continues changing in the coming decade, reaching over 70 million by 2030.

In 2017, the UK has a population of about 67.5 million – The GOV.uk website.  Britain which includes Scotland, England, Wales and Nothern Ireland.

It is smaller than Vietnam geographic, but it is very long one with a total area of 94.060 square miles (243.610 square kilometers). The UK is surrounded by sea and it is made up of over one thousand islands, mountains and hills, rivers and lakes.I’d now like to move on to the climate in the UK. It has a temperate maritime climate.

In general, the South of the country is warmer than the North, and the West if wetter than the East. The weather of Britain is difficult to predict, it can be sunny one day but rainy the day but it much better than most think. We have 4 seasons in a year: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. Winter is usually very wet and windy as well, it’s not very cold like Canada, so make sure you still wear warm and waterproof. The hours of daylight are very short during winter. Spring in the UK is all about new life springing up after the hard conditions of winter. In theory, summer should be very hot and dry.

People like going on holiday overseas or sit out in the park. It is quite warm and windy in Autumn. In general, the UK weather is not guaranteed. Like in our country – Vietnam, we have similar weather conditions but Vietnam is affected by the monsoon that the climate always changes in one year, between the year or the areas.

In conclusion, no matter where you visit or how long will you come to the UK for. I recommend being adventurous, experience something new in every country. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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