Although the United States today, I believe increasing

Although there is inequality in today’s society, it is not inevitable. I agree with Marx’s views on conflicts and inequality and how optimistic he was in hopes that these issues can change. Unlike Weber, Marx believed that social class came down to whether or not you owned the means of production, or if you had to work for someone who does. Furthermore,  he discussed human relationships within a job and whether or not people work in an environment where they interact with other employees versus working isolated; as well as, the relationships with workers and their higher authority figures.

Those who do have the upper hand and control important means of production have the means to influence and contribute to society with their ownership.             Weber argued that those who are more wealthy are more powerful. This may be true to some extent; however, in this day of age many people are becoming more educated and our society is changing with new technologies being put in place. Furthermore, inequality is not inevitable because of this reason and that with every generation comes new concepts and new demands. One thing that I liked is how Weber focused on not only conflict from economic relations, but also from political and social influences. This can explain how inequality is inevitable because different influences can change socieites perspectives on life. For instance, with every new president comes new changes in economy and new policies.             Relative to the state of class inequality in the United States today, I believe increasing minimum wage would be a good way to start making our economic system more fair and effective.

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Statistics show that by increasing wages, the lowest paid workers will have the potential to help millions of people out of poverty. In the current state, a person who makes minimum wage can barely afford a place to live which can be a contributing factor to the growing rise of poverty. I also believe that high savings programs should be administered to all low-income or middle-income families to aid them in feeling secure, and allow them to be able to promise their families a secure future. I think that this will help in the long run towards building economic mobility and ensuring that the less fortunate have a chance of equality.             Another concept that can make our economic system more fair and effective is to aid low-incomed children and families gain access to higher education. Many students who come from low-income areas are not aware of the process and importance of continuing education.

This can be due to them not realizing their potential to grow and feeling “stuck” because of the circumstances they were raised in. The education systems funds should also be equally distributed amongst all K-12 schools, and the economic system should add more grants to provide low-income families with a college education. This can help shorten the gap between the rich and the poor and possibly limit the poverty level in the United States. Currently, the wealthy seems to be benefiting from the current economic state since many continue education and prosper which is a concept that coincides with Weber.



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