hey fam what’s up so today I’m soexcited

hey fam what’s up so today I’m soexcited we’re finally doing my overnightsummer detox tea video ever since Isnapped myself drinking one of these whoguys wanted to see it’s so badass I’mfinally bringing it to you and it’ssuper duper simple and we’re going to bedoing two different drinks now here’swhat you’re going to need the firstthing is just a standard mason jar orwhatever you choose to keep your drinkin and then you’re gonna need your tea Ilike to choose a ginger peach apricottea my friend Rebecca got this for me onAmazon it’s by Boston tea company um soif I can find it I’ll have it linkeddown belowyou’re gonna need loose leaf tea nextyou need sliced lemon sliced lemon isabsolutely amazing something differentthat a lot of people don’t put in theirtea is chia seeds but I really like toobecause we’re gonna strain them out butthey still soak and get all thenutrients in the step 1 we’re just goingto take 2 lemon slices and if that’s toomuch lemon for you that’s totally finenext you’re going to want a spoonful totwo spoonfuls of tea remember the moretea leaf you put in the stronger yourteas gonna be especially if it’scaffeinated or if it’s a black tea nextwe’re going to add the chia seeds theseI will grind up and I didn’t put it inhere unfortunately but I’ll just grindthem up with a spoon really quickly andthen step 4 just add your water normallyI don’t use Fiji you guys but it’s justkind of what I had on hand because I wasout of filtered water and I do not useJersey tap water okay so then you’rejust going to close it up and thenyou’re going to want to shake it up andnow this is doing you guys I saw this onan actual tea show this is an actual wayto brew tea it’s called cold pressingthe cold water and the shaking breaks upthe tea leaves that hot water normallydoes it like Alicia’s flavor that hotwater can’t bring out so next whatyou’re going to want to do is let it setovernight one to two nights here I havea before and after so the one on theleft is what we just did the one on theright is the one that’s been sitting inmy fridge for two days and as you cansee it’s a really gorgeous amber richcolor next after you’ve let it sit foryour desire time we’re going to strainit do you buy these little tea strainersliterally everywhere Bed Bath & Beyondanywhere there’s a coffee or a teasectionand that’s just gonna grab all the Leafsand the lemon or anything and thenyou’re gonna be left with nothing butyummy yummy tea you can also choose tosave your tea leaves if you don’t thinkthat you got all of the you knowyumminess out of it a lot of peoplechoose to save their leaves and justrefill it with new water a few timesuntil it’s kind of diluted and then hereit is isn’t it gorgeous it literally sopretty it looks like honey and you guysit tastes even more amazing I’m notfeeling my best today or I’d be oncamera drinking it for you but oh mygosh it tastes so goodokay I’m to drink number two this is thedetox fruit infused tea I love this onethis infuses some of my favourite thingsbut my tooth you have an allergy goahead and skip them or replace them sothis is going to require blueberries andraspberries which are high inantioxidants lemon slices again becausewe love them they brighten our eyes theybrighten our teeth they’re good for ourbreath they’re good for our digestionand then you’re gonna need your chosentea I just got this at Marshall’s thisis the Wedgwood weekend warning tea inwild strawberry um can you say yes thisis amazing I just can’t even believethis type of tea exists and it was likethree dollars okay so first we’re goingto take our berries again I’m using amix of raspberries and blueberriesyou can choose to crush yours up andmake it like a juice I just let minestrain because I really wanted the teaflavor then you’re going to add your aslice of lemon one to two lemons andthen add the tea you guys it’s reallythe simple I almost feel guilty making avideo on it could literally probablysnap this too but whatever and they’rejust gonna add your water again and letit set over again for one to two nightsand when it’s done it should look likethis usually a beautiful rosy orangecolor it’s so rich and so gorgeous fromthe berry juice and just oh my gosh youguys it is this one is delicious Ilocosdrinking this one all day look at it sobeautiful and then just pop your strawand that’s it you guys and I make theseevery night before I go to bed so I canhave them all week I mean they’re sogreat they’re calorie free theygive you natural energy natural caffeineall the antioxidants great for yourdigestion system they help with nauseamorning sickness menstrual cramps ablood sugar levels these teas help fightfree radicals I mean there’s justthere’s so many benefits to drinking teaand why not just pump it up even moreadd some amazing fruits and otheringredients and let it sit and reallyjust get all the goodness out of allthat stuff and then just start your daywith a super natural and healthy andhappy way okay guys that was it for myovernight detox tea video I really hopeyou like this if you would like morerecipes like this let me know becauseI’m always making fun natural things ifyou’ve missed my smoothie video I’mgonna link it down below I have aweight-loss smoothie video it’s whatreally helped me to lose now almost 55pounds so that’s really amazing so I’mreally excited yes I’ll have that link


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