Heroes Zeus the father god was in charge

Heroes and gods are a common feature in all societies they are highly respected and feared , stories of their actions and deeds are passed down to future generations through myths which are tales and stories of the past. Heroes and gods are associated with creation, death, wars, love, betrayal and loyalty. There are some countries with deep mythical history for example Greece, the Romans, Japanese ,Chinese ,Egyptians and Indians .

Events occurring in this communities were explained in terms of gods and heroes; such were wars famine harvests birth death, festivals among others. The gods were used to explain a certain phenomena for example there was a head god for protection in Greece known as Zeus while that of the Romans was Jupiter, a good of war for the Greek was Ares for Romans it was mars, there was also a mother god called Hera by Greeks and juno by Romans. Other gods were gods of agriculture, hunting wine, wealth, sea, home, and also fires.

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The god’s and heroes have always in all communities had some way of connection and communication. The myths told claim that various heroes were assisted by gods in their activities and mostly during wars. Greece has a very deep mythical history: Zeus the father god was in charge of everything he had to be pleased to as to keep matters under control ,he was promiscuous had very many children with women of which some turned to be immortal while some remained mortal.

He had an immortal wife Hera, who he had tricked into marriage after raping her. Hera was the mother god she was very evil and led to the death of many especially children born by women conceived through Zeus. Aphrodite Zeus daughter was the god of love in Greece she was the cause of the Trojan War as explained below, and had very many lovers. She was in charge of marriages people had to please her so that she can allow people to marry or even be lovers, this often brought about controversies and the death of many. Most of Greece heroes are associated with the Trojan War a major event in Greece history .The war was triggered by a conflict between their gods, Aphrodite the god of love promised prince Paris of Troy a very beautiful woman and in return he would chose her as he most beautiful goddess instead of Athena or Hera.

The woman was Helen and unfortunately she was married to King Menelaus of Sparta. This did not worry the goddess; Helen had courted almost all Achaean leaders before her marriage to Menelaus including Theseus. When she was married by the king of Sparta, He made the previous suitors to swear that they would help him incase Helen was snatched from him and so it happened because they could do anything for her.

They launched a thousand ships into the sea and went into war hence the origin of the Trojan War heroes. Some of these heroes were Achilles, Theseus, Jason Odysseus, and Perseus among others with the greatest hero being Heracles/Hercules. His wars began when he was very young when his nemesis Hera tried to kill him with snakes because he was Zeus son from another woman but he survived. He is best known for the Trojan War 12 labors he performed for the king, Eurystheus, So as to gain full immortality and have his sins forgiven for killing all his children. They involved capturing and killing great giants and monsters of other cities a task which no other person in Greek’s history has ever achieved. He was born human but gained immortality through breast feeding by Hera under the orders of Zeus. He was very masculine, strong, and courageous, very well built, and had sexual relations with both with both females and males. He married four formal wives in his lifetime and had uncountable male lovers and won the Olympics when he killed clothinic a great warrior.

He died as a great Greek’s hero and he went into the underworld to stay with the gods As noted above, heroes and gods are similar in very many ways: they love power, they are strong, they do anything to achieve what they desire, people fear them, they are promiscuous, caused many deaths and often they corporate with each other to achieve their goals but other times they are in competition, for example Aphrodite and the Trojan war heroes.


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