Here and applique’ details to add variety and

Here aresome ideas for what to look forward to in 2018.1.      RichColoursGrey is still a good neutral choice but thereare now bolder colours like brown- blacks, ultra violet and striking greensalong with earthy reds and yellows which are expected to push out coolerneutrals.

2.       Dark WoodsFurniture is turning darker this year with arevival for retro glamour.  Art decosideboards are abundant with a fusion of added colour and metal fittings.

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Designer inspired chairs are still very popularand come in many designs and colours giving a cool stylish and contemporarylook.3.       Global InfluencesThere are a lot of Asian influences incollections this year with bold colours and patterns emerging. Textiles take ona raw feel with shades of Clay, Ochre and Terracotta featuring strongly.4.       Hand crafted texturesTexture is in this season with a handmade feelsuch as rattan and wicker chairs. Fabrics will have lots of embellishments, rawedges and applique’ details to add variety and interest.

5.        House Plants and BotanicalsLast year’s botanical look is continuing withthe retro swiss cheese plant featuring and palm leaves on poster prints andcushion covers mixed with metallics and marble. The patterned plant hasincreased in popularity with the prayer plant making an appearance again.  Shades of green look striking against the darkerbold coloured walls that are very fashionable. Also expect more over scaledfloral patterns in high contrast colours. 6.

        Metallic AccentsMetallics are still around but brass isemerging this year stronger that copper and rose gold.Brass furniture such as coffee tables againstemerald green and soft pink bring a luxurious finish to a room. Mixing brasswith marble is on trend for lighting.7.      Pineapplesand CactusPineapples are still around along with thecactus which is very popular with real and artificial cactus plants in metallicpots being set off against this year’s stylish colours.

But also, there is nowWabi-Sabi which is an ancient Japanese philosophy where you accept imperfectionand the transient nature of life. Its more about finding the beauty withimperfection and things that are incomplete. So, it will be something you havethat is old and worn or maybe cracked and scratched and instead of getting ridyou embrace its natural beauty.8.       FurnitureThere is a move towards comfort in sofas thisyear with curved and plump shapes, luscious velvet button back sofas inluxurious colours and day beds with head rests that move.Space saving tables and coffee tables thatswivel to extend in composite and glass materials.

Ideal for the modern way ofliving. Marble tables are also featuring this season and reasonably priced.


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