Hello research based practices. It is very hard

Hello Jennifer Lazaro,Health care has gone through many ups and downs over the several years, the sustainability of the clinical practice are continuously presenting different challenges in the health care organizations to the researcher as well as to the nurses. Sustainability in nursing analyze and bring sustainable development (Melnyk,2002). Nurses need to carry out their work in a very good way which will protect and preserved the environment. Healthcare leaders are the one who is more concerned about the hardship in sustainability of the research based practices. It is very hard to set up the new rules and regulation specially if your co-workers are Senior. Providing adequate information to the administration with all the rationale can help in accepting the changes. It is important to make sure the staff understand the new rules and regulations.

It is our responsibility to make sure the reason behind the changes and why change is needed. Adequate nurses is needed in order to provide effective care and to provide staff morale support.Reference:Melnyk, B. M. (2002). Strategies for overcoming barriers in implementing evidence-based practice.

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 Pediatric Nursing, 28(2), 159.


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