Hello therefore I took a decision,if I see

Hello I’m Shivzz I like my guy so much that I’m so in love with him.He is the love of my life,today is valentines day and I don’t believe in it at all therefore I took a decision,if I see him today he is not my soulmate and if I don’t there are chances that we might land up together for the rest of our lives.Today I didn’t see him at all.But I did see a picture of his on Instagram,he seems to be celebrating valentines with his girlfriend.I was heartbroken after I saw that picture,every time I decide to move on, he makes it even more complicated.This is so horrible I’ve never felt about any guy this way and therefore I want to pursue it.Let’s face it,nobody is hundred percent perfect and if I am searching for a guy who is two hundred percent perfect then I’m living in a world of my own.A world where everything is just impractical.


I'm Mary!

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