Heat,light The way to know how the

Heat,light or electricity can be used to add energy to an atom’s energy.The loss of this additional energy returns the atom to the normal state.The normal state was call ground state.The outer electrons are those which absorb the added energy.When the energy source were removed, then the excited electrons return to their ground state.The energy that they have absorb, is emitted.This emission of absorb energy is in the form of light energy.

The way electron arranges themselves around the nucleus is determine by the atom’s chemical activity.Electrons are found in increasing energy levels around the nucleus.Adding energy to the atom may shift electrons from a lower to a higher energy level.

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The purpose of the experiment was to find the metallic elements that have shown in the experiment. The way to know how the metal be presence is by the flame test experiment. Therefore, from the experiment we can identify and search the presence of an unknown metal element simply by looking at the color and the change of color from the combustion performed during the experiment. We also can identify the metal elements from the characteristics of colour that be presence in the experiment.


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