Having profession in the future, Live Sound Engineering.

Having been introduced to Music, it has been a prominent part of my life since. My interest in music developed as a teenager as I was a dedicated guitarist who would practice at least 3-hours a day without fail.  My passion for music further expanded during secondary school, when I chose to study BTEC Music. This broadened my knowledge as I assumed music was all based on performance which urged me on to know more about the industry. As a result of this, I further went onto studying Music Performance for my first year in College and then later on went onto Music Technology for the second year. This is due to the fact that I wanted a vast array of knowledge and skill in Music as a whole. This choice also made, what I aspire to take on as a profession in the future, Live Sound Engineering.  I was studying a course which allowed me to specialise my study in Live Sound, which opened up many opportunities for me to display and hone my craft. This left me motivated as I was given the freedom of learning what I wanted, with the help of practical hands-on work, and informative research.This academic fire, sparked by my secondary school, inspired me to discipline myself, to work to the best of my ability and to succeed where I could. Achieving a certificate of attainment in music proved to me that dedication is the key. During my years in Secondary school, I was a part of a school band, in which I played Lead guitar. We had been given the opportunity to be a part of the Rock School Assembly 2016. Unfortunately, we came runners-up, but we were given a chance to play in front of Wembley Arena. In addition to this, I often volunteered, and still do at College, to set up and do live sound for school performances and productions. This allowed me to attain a deep understanding of various topics such as Backline & Audio setup, Crew work, and Management. Due to my involvement in college, doing live sound and carrying on my advancement in guitar allowed me to attain a Distinction in my first year and aiming toward another currently. The most recent module I completed, in which I acquired a Distinction, the task was to learn and perform a challenging song as well as conducting in-depth research on the artist and history of the genre. Through this, I gained various skills and techniques in which I now apply to all my work and performances whenever possible. In addition to this, I also took part in various extra-curricular activities in which I was given the opportunity by my school. For example, level one sports leadership, level one first aid, National Citizen Service and Duke of Edinburgh. I gained extensive amounts of experience whilst undertaking these projects as well as confidence after being taught to challenge myself to reach my full potential. I faced my fears and I learned how to lead a group with a sense of authority and in the correct manner. Furthermore, I was a school Prefect, Peer Listener, and a Mentor, these roles also allowed me to aid fellow students as well as leading them in the right direction. These enhanced my confidence in myself and my work. I am now able to push myself to make important, executive decisions when doing tasks like sound engineering and trust that I am making the right decision whilst taking into consideration, the situation as well as those I am working with.                       To conclude, the course that I am applying for is perfect for me due to the skillset that I have managed to develop through my experience whilst at college and school. Examples of these are, working under pressure and with tight deadlines, good concentration, patience, and stamina. It takes a lot of hard work to be a sound engineer and I believe that I am a very hardworking person, I would love to be able to learn more and I have always been interested in gaining more knowledge on my chosen subject from a young age. Additionally, I am incredibly passionate about jobs such as live sound engineering, backline engineering, lighting engineering and events management as I feel that there is so much more that goes into putting on a performance other than just the performer, I personally know this as I have experienced managing events before when studying level two music at secondary school where we set up an event in joint partnership with a company called Blast Beat where my role was Health and Safety supervisor, in which I got the opportunity to apply my skills and learn about what it takes to obtain these roles. This entailed creating a risk assessment for the event and taking charge of live sound and backline engineering, this was my first practical experience in which learned that every role is just as important as the next when it comes to a show and people in certain positions don’t get as much recognition. That is why I think that live sound will be perfect for me. 


I'm Mary!

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