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Have you ever gotten that sudden rush of adrenaline when slowly rising up higher and higher into the sky? That feeling you get when you reach the top of the ramp and you know you are about to speed down the ramp at a speed out of one’s mind? If you go to Valleyfair, that is exactly what you’ll get.I was nine years old. My church youth group was going to Valleyfair. Valleyfair is an amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota. I had never been on an actual roller coaster before besides the baby ones at the fair.

I was a bit nervous to go on my first ride. Everyone said that it would be fun, so I trusted them. I hopped in one of the cars on the “Corkscrew” and buckled myself in. The ride began to go deliberately up the ramp as I nervously sat in my seat.

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The foremost part of the coaster started gaining momentum down the ramp as it yank the back part over the ramp. All of a sudden I was racing down the ramp and being tossed sideways and turned upside down. I was having so much fun, and before I knew it, the ride was coming to an end. As I was exiting the coaster I thought to myself how fun that was and was figuring out what ride I wanted to go on next. The next ride my dad and I decided to go on was called the “Extreme Swing”. It was not a roller coaster but was exactly what it sounded like. A giant swing that swiftly and vigorously swung you back and forth.

Since I had gotten used to fast amusement park rides, I eagerly got on the ride and buckled myself in. As the bars were tightening, I waited in my seat for the ride to start. The first few seconds of the ride were not amusing as it was just barely swinging you back and forth trying to gain momentum.

Then the ride picked up some speed and we were flying back and forth. We were swung forward over the roof of an ice cream shop and were flung backward making us stare directly over the concrete beneath us. After a good two to three minutes of swinging, the ride began to slow and eventually came to a stop. Afterwards when we went on the fastest coaster at Valleyfair called the “Renegade”. After waiting for what seemed like hours for the coaster to reach the top of the ramp, we then took an extraordinarily large turn and raced down the ramp. Subsequently, after we had gotten off the ride, monitors showed us that we had reached a max speed somewhere around fifty six miles per hour.

For our next ride, we decided to go on the “Power Tower’s”. There are two towers, one red and blue. At a random time, the red tower would fling you upward super fast and brought you down slowly. The blue tower would bring you up slowly and then drop you down at a random time. So far after all of these rides I was having a lot of fun and wanted to restart the day so I could enjoy it again.

After all of these rides, we took around thirty minutes to eat lunch. At Valleyfair, there are many different restaurants to choose from. The aroma of freshly grilled burgers and fresh out of the oven pizza’s was pleasing to my nose. My dad and I decided to enjoy the freshly grilled hamburgers because the smell was too much to resist.. Later, after waiting in line for at least twenty five minutes we finally got to the front of the line and decided what we wanted.

Although it was eighteen bucks, I got a cheeseburger meal. My dad went with a basket of chicken tenders. Following our expensive lunch, we started walking around looking for more rides to go on. Then, after walking for a bit we saw a ride that caught everyone in our groups eye. The ride was called Steel Venom. Why? I couldn’t tell you but, what I could tell you was that it was a “U” shaped ride that had the seats hanging from the bar above. At the beginning of the ride, the announcer would give you a three second countdown and all of a sudden, you’d be launched forward at an incredible speed. When you reached the top of the first side of the “U” you would be spiraling upward into the sky.

After you had finished going up, gravity would obviously bring you downwards and you would start going to the other side of the ride. Once you have reached the other side of the ride and got to the very top, the ride would suddenly stop for about 3 seconds and make a horrible screaming noise. The ride then repeated this process for around two more minutes and you would eventually come to a stop and find a bathroom before you throw up.Then after wandering around some more, an interesting thing happened.

We were waiting in line for a ride and a girl in front of our group started falling over and said she didn’t feel good. She eventually fell over and one of the members in our youth group picked her up and rushed her under a tent. Turns out, the girl fainted because she had not gotten enough water on a day that was around 90 degrees.

The girl got some water and rested for a while and eventually stood up and was fine. I just thought that was something I haven’t seen before and was not good. Following all of the crazy events that just happened we changed into our swim stuff and went to the waterpark inside Valley Fair. The waterpark features a good size wave pool, a lazy river, tube slides, splash pads for little kids and slides. The thing I went to right away was the wave pool.

The water went up to about six feet deep and the waves would come about every three minutes or so. The waves would start out as little baby waves and gradually get bigger over time. I made the mistake of going to deep in the wave pool and when the waves would come, they would splash over my head and submerge me in water for a good five seconds. Later, after we were all done with the wave pool, we went and rode down some tube slides, regular slides, and before you knew it, it was time for us to go.


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