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Have you ever tried to mix Oil & water in your heart??!! Contest Chair and anyone who have mixed Oil and Water in his heart, I have, and the Oil remained shallower… and whenever I looked inside my heart, I could only see the Oil.. A lot cheaper before taxes.. In Feb 2016, I decided to promote my fiancée.. to the post of my wife!… Poor Girl!.. I feel sorry for her.. At that time My heart was full of water for her.. full of love, respect and kindness.. It was as clean & pure as a human heart should be.. But this didn’t last for long!!.. I was talking to her once and suddenly she asked: (Didn’t you notice something?!) Now I want you all to go back in time and remember your first TT question!.. Believe me that question was even scarier than my 1st TT!! I was like; (Oh god please help me; her hair style?!.. She lost weight?!.. She must be wearing a new dress?!) Wait a minute! That question was just an SMS! Actually, She was in Egypt and I was here in Saudi… I texted her back (what is it?!) She said (We have already been too long without a fight!) Argument after another, I started to mix oil and water in my heart.. Oh I could only see the oil!!.. I could only see the flaws and differences!!.. Surely, she is not the same person I decided to marry!! Oh my god, there was neither return nor exchange policy!!. Actually this was not my first experience mixing oil & water… When I was a kid, my parents got divorced and my father left us before I even comprehended what the word divorce meant.. For me, he was the man who abandoned his own family.. I could only see the oil.. In Ramadan, I used to go have Iftar with him and my cousins.. I went to his house and he was sleeping.. So I started playing with my cousins and as Kids we made noise that.. woke him up.. He came angrily and shouted at me (Go to your Mom and never come here again).. I burst out crying and went home screaming “I hate you!!” I had spent 24 years blaming him for everything that went wrong in my life.. My heart was blinded to see anything but the oil.. Until that day when he called: “Son, how are you?!”.. I’m good, how are you, Dad?.. “I was so sick and tired but when I heard your voice, I got my life. Now I have the hope and I regained my full strength”.. He said “Forgive me, son.. I’m extremely sorry I was never the father you’ve expected”.. This was the first time my Dad told me “I’m so proud of you” That was my moment of clarity.. That oil was just a little.. He told me (I’m so proud of you), but he was always my pride.. My Dad was a scientist well known as the smartest person in my district.. At school all my classmates had to study hard to impress our teachers, but for me I had a famous name! First class in the year, teachers used to read out the names and we stand up to recognize the faces.. Till my name comes: Belal Abdelhafez Allam.. Yes sir.. Your father is!!.. Yes Sir!.. Well, we will see.. I had to study even harder to prove I was worthy of his legacy!! Which made me who I’m.. That day in Ramadan when he told me “never come here again”.. He didn’t mean it because when I went back after two days.. He hugged me, kept me close and said “I missed you so much! Why didn’t you come yesterday?!” Actually my sweetest Childhood memories were with him.. In Ramadan after Iftar, he used to take me out to the market and tell me (All what you pick is yours!)… Trust me I was never cheap!.. Only two months after that call, I lost my Dad.. I did regret spending most of our journey together with a heart was blinded by a little oil that should have never been there.. Ladies & Gentlemen Was there any person in your life for whom your heart was blinded by a little oil that should have never been there? Don’t waste time blaming others and drowning in negative emotions… The solution is in here.. My wife and I still have our arguments.. But when oil floats inside my heart, I add water from the river of forgiveness to get the oil out.. Ladies and gentlemen, Water is the sign of love, respect, kindness and forgiveness.. We can make a paradise out of this world, if we have our hearts full of water..


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