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Have you ever been blamed for doing something that someone else did? Or Have you ever seen a commercial on tv that caused you to buy a product that was falsely advertised? If so you would be considered a scapegoat or someone who was politically manipulated. After reading The Crucible by Arthur Miller, one would say he used themes such as scapegoat and political manipulation to critique society and compare historical events such as the Salem Witch Trials to the environment in his time period. People with power or authority often influence people (especially those who are lower class) to engage in activities that they wouldn’t participate in on their own by persuading them that they would. The platform of political Manipulation isn’t power because it is absent from direct instructions, manipulators trick people into thinking that they made the decision on their own behalf. For example, the main character in The Crucible Abigail, used political manipulation as a strategy to seek revenge on her enemies by asking Mary Warren to deliver a poppet doll to Elizabeth. Abigail abandoned the fact that she placed a needle in the doll in order to frame Elizabeth and have her arrested. Abigail accused Elizabeth of attempted murder because she was in love with her husband and she believed Elizabeth stood in the way of their love and in order to seek revenge, Abigail Manipulated Mary Warren into doing her dirty work. Back then there was no stable government or law system but there were still people that held more power than others. People were also able to be convicted without any form of evidence which isn’t the case now. Abigail also accused Tituba of practicing witchcraft to prevent herself from being arrested for casting spells and drinking blood. In the text Abigail tells Reverend Hale that “she sends her spirits on me in church, she makes me laugh at prayer! Shecomes to me every night and makes me drink blood”. Abigail knew the people wouldn’t believe Tituba because she was a slave (lower class) and it was an easy way to cover up her actions. In conclusion, themes such as scapegoat and political manipulation were used by Arthur Miller to critique society in Salem. Today people still face issues such as being accused for unjust crimes and being negatively impacted by politics or people who are positioned in power. Miller decided not to conform to society and to reveal how these conflicts could cause commotion amongst citizens.


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