Have toward adult, The Biography.com website noted

Have you seen “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”? It
is a famous movie in the world and particularly popular with children. The
original of this movie is “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” which is written
by Roald Dahl. He is one of the most popular writer all over the world.

Dahl was born in Llandaff, South Wales, on September 13, 1916. His parents were
Norwegian. He went to “a British boarding school” because he was “rambunctious
and mischievous child.” (“Roald Dahl Biography.com.”) After graduated?school, he decided to get a job without going
university. He was looking forward to working in some kinds of place which is
far away from he lived. Meanwhile, he worked in “the Shell Oil Company in
Tanzania, Africa.” (“Roald Dahl Biography.com.”) In 1939, he was called up to
the Royal Air Force and trained hardly at some place in Africa. Afterward, he
became an ace fighter pilot during World War Two. However, he injured badly
with his skull, backbone and hip because the plane he flied was crashed. He has
been suffering from the injuries for a long time.

day, after meeting with author C.S. Forrester, he started to write when he
lived in Washington, D.C. As establishing some works toward adult, The
Biography.com website noted “he published the book James and the Giant
Peach” in 1961 for his first work as a children’s writer. It and another
publication, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was written three
years later were made into famous movies. The latter changed its name into Willy
Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in 1971, and about thirty years later, it
remade and showed around the world. Why his works are so popular? This is
because they have many appeal points and lessons of humanity. Hephzibah Anderson mentioned
Dahl “told his children nightly bedtime stories that
inspired his future career as a children’s writer.” This story was based for
most of his children’s book. He thought that kid’s novel “must like simple tricks
and jokes and riddles and other childish.” Moreover, the article said “Teachers tend to be
villainous, and even when benign, fail to impart any real wisdom “an important
cognitive-affective function: we know it’s disgusting, and the knowledge makes
us superior. It’s healthy. But it must be disgusting in combination with
humor.” In addition, normally it is unpleasant to describe
about negative emotion in kid’s literature, but all of the feeling was
expressed in his works including such as darkness, angry and anxiety. Dahl
experienced a variety of painful events that his sister and father died when he
was young, and lost his oldest daughter to illness, and his only son was
damaged his brain by a traffic accident.

course, it is very interesting, but Dahl’s book formed by these background, so
we can learn various things. Dahl was not only a popular writer, but also
worked for some expressionist, “Over his decades-long writing career, Dahl
composed 19 children’s books and nine short story collections. He also wrote
several television and movie scripts.” (“Roald Dahl Biography.com.”) That is
why his works are popular in the world.


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