To third choice was “Ford Expedition”, because looking

To Political CultureThe first person that I have interviewed is Ella, she is an NYU Graduate who is working as a Web Designer and is earning approximately $45,000 a year. She lives in Brooklyn, New York for seven years. Ella claims that she liked “Dodge Grand Caravan” as her first choice. First of all, she likes the ad because it’s a family car that serves/fits all her needs. Secondly, she likes this ad because the color red is her favorite color. According to Ella’s interpretation, she feels that by looking at the advertisement about the “Dodge Grand Caravan” a person will get all the explanation he/she needs. Her second choice was “Volvo” which looks like a very nice car, but does not apply to the need of a customer. She would prefer to know the features that the car is offering.

She feels that the name of the brand is hidden because its all the way on top and on the edge that it would not be visible to the eye of the customer. Her third choice was “Ford Expedition”, because looking at the magazine ad she feels that it explains the variation of the car. However, she thinks that the ad does not apply why it was advertised for and that there is not enough description to the car. Her fourth choice was “Suzuki”, because she claims that the ad itself takes a person attention. Therefore, she also liked that the typeface “S” and “Suzuki” overlaps on top of each other. Her Fifth choice was “Toyota”, because she thinks it’s a nice looking car, but the theme that was used for this ad is a little bit funny. She feels that way because the theme does not fit to the description of the car. Her suggestion for this ad is to create more ideas, (i.

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e. the name of the brand should be visible; the slogan should be different in the sense that it should apply to the description of the car).Svetlana KhanimovaThe second person that I have interviewed is Milana.

She is a 22 years old nurse from Brooklyn, N.Y. Milana earns about $50,000 a year she likes to play volleyball and read novels in her spare time. Her first choice was the “All new Dodge Grand Caravan”, because of two reasons: First of all she said that’s it’s a big family car and it is red color which caught her attention very fast. Second, this model contains a lot of details that can help her get as much information as she needs. Her second choice was “Ford Expedition”, because it gave her a good impression since she likes to travel a lot and therefore this appearance fulfills her needs. She feels that this car ad claims that it can handle traveling.

In addition, it has different models and nice logo. She feels that this advertisement needs to put more information about this model. Her third choice was “Suzuki”, because the liked the comparison between the Suzuki and the cheetah, which transforms into high speed.

In addition, she feels that the car is luxurious and big enough for the family. Also it gives enough information and has a good description of the car. Her forth choice is “Volvo”; she claims that it is a powerful car and can handle all the roads.

She likes what it says on the side “Volvo for life”, but she also feels that there is not enough information about the features of the car. Her fifth choice is “Toyota”; she feels that it is not a very successful ad because it doesn’t convince her to buy the car. She thinks that the car is too far, it needs to be closer and side wise, so that the customer can see the whole model. She also feels that the information that “Toyota” provides is very limited.Maya is the third person that I have interviewed. She is a 21 female that lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. She is a college student who lives with her parents.

Her hobbies include, playing volleyball, basketball, and ice scatting. Maya’s first choice was the “Dodge Grand Caravan”, because it caught her eyes to the information that


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