Harris stomach cramps Like America’s got concentration camps”

Harris BakerDr. Tani SanchezAFAS 371January 22, 2018Essay1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-HQR2-s1J4 The popularhip-hop song, “How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise”by Brother D talks abouthow racism is taking place and no one is realizing the problem that’s occurring.In S.

Craig Watkins’s paper: Representing:Hip Hop Culture and the production of Black Cinema, he says “Blues music appearedafter the Civil War and reconstruction. Its presence coincides with a time ofbroken promises of citizenship and with lynching, hangings and burning of Blackpeople by white mobs “. I felt this was a very significant quote because the authoris describing how harsh the time was after the civil war for African Americansand how they used the blues to help them overcome this tragedy. African Americans have gonethrough a lot of brutality through the years and have been able to recoverthrough music.

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Serration played a major role throughoutsociety if African Americans hadn’t stood up The Civil War wasa major event that took place in the United States witch helped shape our nationas a whole. The Civil war started during 1861 over the controversy of slavery.The Confederates attacked Fort Sumter shortly after Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated.The war between the north and the south ended up going for over four years.

Following the war “620,00 of 2.4 million soldiers killed, millions more injuredand much of the South left in ruin.” This war was long and harsh Serration played a major role throughoutsociety if African Americans hadn’t stood up for there             Inthe song “How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise” the artist Brother D writesabout all the problems African Americans faced.

“What’s really goin’ on? Unemployment’s high, the housing’s bad And the schools areteaching wrong.” The reason this song was writing is to let          people here how African Americans were being treated. “The story might give you stomach cramps Like America’s got concentration camps” In this part of thesong the artist is comparing how harsh African Americans were treated to how Jewswere treated in concentration camps. The author uses this simile to show strengthand how if we could overcome the holocaust then African Americans can overcome segregation.Serration played a major role throughout society ifAfrican Americans hadn’t stood up for thereFollowing the Civil War many AfricanAmericans were left in destress and hurt.

But they didn’t let this come in theway of them gaining their rights back. Many African Americans following the civilwar would express there feeling through music. This was a crucial time forAfrican Americans since they were able to let people know how they are actuallybeing treated and be able to gain there rights back. After the Civil War Lincolnwas able to issue a preliminary witch was the Emancipation Proclamation witchfreed all slaves in the rebellion state. Serration played a major role throughoutsociety if African Americans hadn’t stood up Throughout the years many AfricanAmericans has suffered a significant amount and didn’t have a say in oursociety. Music played a major role during this time when African Americans weretrying to improve their rights.

People were able to share to people what’s actuallyoccurring in our society and are trying to figure out ways to improve it. Fromlistening to a lot of songs I was able to draw the conclusion that music thattook place around the time of the civil war are songs that show hope and strengthof African Americans during such a harsh time.                                                    Works Cited”A Brief Overview of the American Civil War.” CivilWar Trust, Civil War Trust,www.civilwar.org/learn/articles/brief-overview-american-civil-war.

 “Brother D(Ft. Collective Effort) – How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise.” Genius,1 Jan. 1980,genius.com/Brother-d-how-we-gonna-make-the-black-nation-rise-lyrics. victornewman06.

“Brother D – How We Gonna Makethe Black Nation Rise?” YouTube, YouTube, 6 Feb. 2008,www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-HQR2-s1J4.   


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