Hard-working. Her mother developed AIDS. AIDS was the


Determined. Confident. The bearers of these traits strive and push themselves towards gaining success.

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Success is simply this:  the accomplishment of a goal you have set. The United States is home to plentiful opportunities. Here, there is a popular notion that has been conceived stating that anyone can achieve happiness and success through hard-work. This is mostly known as the American Dream. The pursuit of success does not come easy.

Majority of the time, we encounter setbacks that deter us from the ultimate goal. Liz Murray’s life is a prime example. The movie, based on a true story, titled “From Homeless to Harvard,” exemplifies a young woman destined to change for the better. Liz had a childhood that no one would desire to have. As a child, Liz was forced to wear the same clothes every day until they tore. The clothes became unimaginably dirty. Throughout her early life, Liz’s mother was ill.

Her mother constantly abused drugs and alcohol. Liz states that her mother was also a schizophrenic. Even through this, Liz still had love for her mother. Towards the beginning, Liz’s mother was taken away to a mental hospital due to her drug addiction. Her mother developed AIDS. AIDS was the cause of death for her mother.

This death deeply affected Liz. During this time, social workers took Liz away due to the environment that she was residing in. As the movie goes on, we witness a change in Liz’s attitude. A vow was made to her mother that she would not fall into her footsteps. This led Liz to apply at a high school. Her determination was quite noticeable. Immediately after she applied, she was accepted. During her time at the school, she enrolls in ten classes.

This will make it possible for her to graduate high school in two years. Liz was offered an all expense paid trip to visit Harvard in Boston, Massachusetts. This school amazed Liz.

Time goes by, Liz is steps away from going to college. However, there is one thing holding her back: Liz does not have the means to pay for the tuition. Liz is homeless and cannot afford to pay herself. There is a scholarship from The New York Times that Liz applies for. This scholarship offered the most money: $12,000 dollars. Later on, Liz goes to an interview at The New York Times. Afterwards, Liz was announced as a winner for scholarship. This money would pay the tuition for Harvard.

In conclusion, Liz was able to achieve the American Dream. Liz Murray studied at her dream school, became a worker at The New York Times, and got an apartment. This would not have been possible if Liz had not fought her way through the obstacles. The death of her mother was a major turning point for Liz. Her parents had such a difficult life and Liz did not want that for herself. Through all the trauma, Liz pushed forward and became someone else. The events in her early life led to a drastic change within her.

These roadblocks did not diminish her determination. As time went by, she built herself from the ground up. Nothing nor anyone stood in her path to success. We cannot expect the road to success to be easy. However, we can expect the road to have many bumps in it. These bumps will determine the fate of our future.


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