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pic | |||Happy Is the People Whose God Is Jehovah!|||- Dan Sydlik (Bethel Family)||||||We can literally feel the happiness here. When we are happy we |||wish life would never end. ||||||Happiness isn’t optional. Jehovah commands us to be happy. De |||16:13-15. He say’s you must rejoice.

What is Happiness? It is |||the outward manifestation of the internal condition of joy that|||comes from a good heart. 1Tim 6:6 associates godliness with|||contentment. It comes from peace of mind and joy of heart.|||Happy are those people whose God is Jehovah. Are you happy for |||having Jehovah as our God? Happiness is a gift from Jehovah. It|||comes from Jehovah – a fruit of His spirit. He is the happy God|||and he wants us to be happy NOW, not in some distant future.|||Every day we should ask ourselves if we are happy.

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We will be |||if we have our life under control. We must have self discipline|||and self control. We must limit our fleshly desires instead of |||trying to satisfy them all (Col 3:2). Be happy at home alone or|||with family or friends, at Kingdom Hall with brothers, in|||service. Remember it’s always very close to us.

It isn’t in|||things – a car, home, etc. It is inside of us. If our happiness|||is dependant on things or conditions, whom we are with, then an|||accident or tragedy can rob our happiness. It must come from|||within. Principle: Acts 20:35, supports the thought of|||happiness coming from with as when we are giving, being |||unselfish. What we possess, we can lose. Consider the example |||of a happy missionary.

Satan entered; she became offended by|||her roommate. She refused to be happy any longer. She permitted|||small things in her life to grow in her mind. She lost her|||happiness.||||||Protect your happiness with all your might. Don’t lose it.|||Don’t let other people hold the key to our happiness as if we |||were plugged into them. Don’t be robbed of your happiness by|||gossip, or by what others do, say or think.

Don’t let those|||things affect you. Once unhappiness enters into your life it’s |||very hard to get it out.||||||Important lesson: Learn to love what God gives you in life. We |||live in an imperfect world and calls for many adjustments. We |||are imperfect too and so is everyone else. Life is full of|||changes. Do you allow that to make you murmur and complain?|||Disappointments are everywhere on earth.

Make the best of|||disappointing situations. Search for Jehovah. Happiness is up |||to you. It depends on what we do with our mind and our heart. |||Adjust our thinking.

Nobody else can do this for us, we have to|||do it for ourselves with the help of God!||||||Romans 12:2 Does it say Prove to God? NO! Prove to OURSELVES|||the good and perfect will of God. You don’t have to prove it to|||God. Happiness is not dependant on where we are or with whom we|||are. But it is dependent on who we are before, that being GOD.

|||It’s not just knowing, it’s doing! Be a doer of the Word.|||Happiness isn’t so much doing what we like, but liking what we |||do. It’s not being where you like, but liking where you are.|||It’s not having what you like, but liking what you have! Enjoy |||where we are and who we are. Make the best of every situation. |||That’s being Christ like. For the joy set before him he endured|||a torture stake.

Despite whatever troubles come in life we can |||still be happy. Many have endured great hardships, natural|||disasters, lost all their worldly goods, yet happy. Why? |||Because happiness has to do with your frame of mind and heart.

|||A joyful heart and a mind at peace with God- the

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