Happiness and act the way we do and

Happiness is one of the most vital emotions as human beings because the contentment we get comes through illusions that all come from life that influence our sense of emotions like happiness. Friendship and love are the two essentials that brings us happiness and gives us a different perspective to life. Sigmund Freud, founder of psycho-analysis, most famous in the 20th century has written many novels and books about the human mind but is most known for the way he thinks. He believed that “life was intolerable and with whom all relations must be broken off if one is to be happy in any way at all,” which proves his works focused on emotions and the way the mind works.We look for happiness in the inner things of the mind that makes us think and act the way we do and inorder for us to be happy we have to be broken to know what happy feels like.

To feel that way we have friends that give us comfort and are there to make you feel loved that will make you feel satisfied with the pleasures derived. Fyodor Dostoevsky, regarded as the most promising of the younger novelists, and is most famous for his 4 long novels, was sent to the penal colony of Omsk he published a novel called “The house of the dead and the insulted and the injured”. After his return he married Maria Dmitrievna but marriage did not bring either of them happiness.

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This failed marriage is what inspired this novel. Dostoevsky believed that no one was meant for unhappiness so neither was he. He wanted everything around him to feel nice, secure, peaceful and in order for things to be the way he wanted to feel they had to go separate ways.Because of this In the novel Hijamar loved Gina and thought she felt the same way towards him but she didn’t. Although they didn’t love each other as much as they wanted she brought him happiness every time he saw her.

When someone brings enlightenment to your life it doesn’t always necessarily mean with materialistic things but by the actions they do towards you and what they are capable of doing for a person.       Scriptwriter Scott Fitzgerald most famous for his novel called” This side of paradise” that talked about the morality of the young people of the time focused on the theme of love and friendship for happiness. In the book “The Great Gatsby” also written by Fitzgerald ,he states “No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart”.

This quote represents how gatsby felt about daisy and how much gatsby adored her that anything she did gatsby would love her for the memories of her not for the way she looked or the bad memories he had with her. It shows how much happiness daisy brought to his life and how happy gatsby was to have someone that can give him a different feeling. Fitzgerald being a family friend that gatsby offered hospitality to. After being together for so long it was time for Fitz to leave. When it was time to say goodbye it made Gatsby doubt his present happiness, it made Fitz feel happy how he had a friend to rely on when he most needed someone’s help.


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