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Haimanot Tesfaye12/15/17Mr.

HenryHonors English 10Period 7 Death and sufferingDeath and suffering is one of the most relevant themes in today’s society because of yements famine,nuclear war, loss of belief in medicine. Sad to say but a lot of characters in the novel died. Everyone dies everyday but everyone eventually is going to die at some point in their lifetime.

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Death and suffering is not a happy topic to talk about. Some of the characters that died weren’t meant to die, they were killed by someone else. Death and suffering took a major part of the novel. Death in the novel is pictured as a landscape.

When a character would die there would a storm or a dark night.  For example when Clerval died it was a very dark night and when Elizabeth died it was a heavy storm. The theme of death and suffering portrayed in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the most relevant to today’s society.   Frankenstein some what was a sad novel because a lot of main characters died. Death and suffering are not the same but deal with the same emotions.

The lives that were killed affected the other characters in the novel. For example, “I beheld those I loved spend vain sorrow upon the grades of William and Justine.” (Shelly 90) This quote is important because Victor suffered from vain and sorrow of the lost lives of William and Justine. Another example from the novel is, “I now ask thee to pardon me? I who irretrievably destroyed thee by destroyed… This enemy, were now suspended…” This quote is important because Victor who destroyed “the enemy” died.   Death and suffering connections to the novel because of the characterters that died. First one to die is Caroline Beaufort’s father, then Elizabeth’s mother,  Henry Clerval, William, Justine, and Elizabeth. William Frankenstein’s death causes suffering throughout the Frankenstein family.

All because of Victor’s creation caused this death. Victor chooses to keep his creation a secret to prevent any drama. For example in the novel, “He is dead who called me into being longer see the son or starts, or feel the wind play on my cheeks.” This quote is important because it impacted the other characters especially his parents and Victor. Another quote in the book is, His Elizabeth, his more than his daughter. Suddenly gave way.

‘ This quote is important because Victor suffered from Elizabeth’s death because he loved her so much. She was killed by Victor’s creation on her honeymoon and dies because of Victor’s selfishness. She was strangled to death and the monster and Victor was fighting over her but we all knew Victor is the one that won her heart.

Another example is, “She was there, lifeless and   thrown across the bed. Her head hanging down and her pale and distorted features half covered by her hair.” This is important because Elizabeth’s death impacted Victor very much.

Death and suffering is important in the novel because it impacted the characters. For example, when Justine dies she was innocent but wasn’t guilty of the murder of William and was forced for confession. Justine’s death symbolizes the lack of voice females have when in court but also highlights Victor’s selfness. Elizabeth’s death highlights Victors self centered nature and doesn’t think of the monster her so just leaves her there. For example, ‘And on the morrow Justine died.

Elizabeth’s heart-rending eloquence failed to move the judges from their settled conviction in the criminality of the saintly sufferer.” This quote is important because Elizabeth was very sad of her passing.  Victor’s creation, the monster killed both Elizabeth and Henry.        In conclusion, death suffering played an important role throughout the whole novel. Six characters died and it impacted all the other characters. Victor’s monster was involved in killed two of the six people that killed.


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