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H.S For CTEA Victoria Modelski AP Language 3/4/18Teen Movies & Coming of Age When looking at teen movies, I always visualize High School Musical or Mean Girls. Lots of cliques and a whole happy sing-a-long. But how does coming of age connect to this? Smoking weed, doing drugs, getting older. Coming of age is different for everyone. Although some believe that Bone’s journey fell along the lines of a stereotypical teen movie, in truth, Bone’s journey stikes a more realistic chord because it presents more realistic teen issues, portrays how people can cause a large impact on your life, and emphasizes how teens struggle to find themselves in adulthood.

In Rule Of The Bone, Bone’s journey begins on already a rough patch. Growing up without a father-like figure was quite difficult already. Both his mother and stepfather were alcoholics and basically ignored him majority of the time. As his escape from reality Bone (known as Chappie earlier in the novel) began to use drugs and became an all around rebellious child. To receive these drugs, Bone steals his mother’s old coins, and when his mother finds out, she is beyond furious and Bone ends up leaving to truly find himself. This novel strikes these more realistic teen issues – actual family issues. “Listen, Mom, just give me the money.

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I need the money.What are you saying? Give me the money.What?The money. She looked at me in this strange fearful way, like she didn’t recognize me but almost did and I got this sudden new feeling of power and didn’t even feel guilty for it” (pg. 23)


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