h Pauling started college at Oregon State,

h Grade BiologyLinus Pauling was born the 28th of February in the year of 1901. He was born inPortland, Oregon and was the first born child of Herman Henry William Pauling and LucyIsabelle Darling.

Pauling started college at Oregon State, deciding to start with an overload ofclasses in his first semester. His class load included two courses in chemistry, two inmathematics, mechanical drawing, modern English prose, gymnastics, military drills and even aclass in explosive use. Even with this heavy class schedule he found time for an active campuslife.

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Once Pauling completed his first year in college, he decided to start working in order tohelp support his mother. He was able to work a full forty hour week and still keep up with hisstudies in his second year.Following college, Pauling became an American chemist, biochemist, and peace activistwho published over 1,2000 papers and books combined. About 850 of those books and papershad something to do with or related to science in some way, shape, or form.

Most scientistconsider him to be one of the 20 greats when it come down to science. Actually in 2000, he wasconsidered as the 16th most influential and important scientist in history. Linus discovered thefields of quantum chemistry and molecular biology. He also is well known for working on thestructure of DNA. Problems were found in the structure, but were later corrected by JamesWatson, Francis Crick, Rosalind Franklin, and Maurice Wilkins. In his later years he was moredrawn towards things like nuclear disarmament, orthomolecular medicine, megavitamin therapy,and dietary supplements.Not only is he the 16th most important scientist in history, he is also one of four people towin two Nobel Prizes.

In 1954, Pauling won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. However, in 1962, hewas awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding peace activism. To add to that, he wasthe only person to record an unshared Nobel Prize and one of two people to win a Nobel Prize inJack Godsey6 December 20179th Grade Biologytwo different fields. As the list of his achievements and records keep getting longer, Pauling’sachievements keep getting greater.As many other scientist were rushing and scrambling to find out more and more aboutDNA and what it’s structure may be, Linus Pauling proposed a triple helix structure with all thebases on the outside. However, Pauling was not able to have access to X-ray Crystallogy, whichprevented him from perfecting the errors found in his previous model. This kept him fromclaiming even more fame and recognition for a huge scientific achievement.


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