Seven and fifth century BC Greece contained some of the most prepossessing and enchanting forms of art ever made. The most common where statues, vases, temples and marble friezes. The Greeks always looked for new ways to represent the human figure.

They would take into account different angles as to how an object can be seen from the human eye, and with this the Greeks managed to achieve simplicity and harmony within their work.The Charioteer of Delphi depicts a charioteer the moment he presents his chariot and receives recognition for his victory. Chariot races during this time period were one of the most popular Byzantine sports.

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Charioteers were often dressed head to toe, much like in the fashion the statue is dressed in. Very few bronze statues were made and still kept alive today, as many were melted down when metal became scarce during the Middle Ages. This put it apart from other statues as many were made from marble. The charioteer is a very well balanced statue, his chito gracefully and effortlessly drapes over his athletic body, curving with every curve, smoothing down towards his center to the bottom,  the way the cloth seems to billow out above his belt, and how the folds seems to resemble a Greek Column. This showcases how the greeks further tried to realistically demonstrate the human form, even under clothes.  However, this statue is still very much rigid when compared to later works of the same time period. And with that, this statue creates the perfect example of the rare harmony between idealism and realism. Much of the realism lies within the eyes of the Charioteer.

Greek statues eyes were often left blank and emotionless. This statue however, is one of the few whose eyes have been inlaid with onyx stone. The eyes gives us an even bigger sense of realism, the center being noticeably darker forming the pupil and the brown specks within the iris adding more life and depth to the charioteers face.


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