Gyseli story ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’ By

Gyseli Roman Professor Cole ENC 1101 30 September 2018 How a Dr. Seuss book inspired me. Growing up, I thought I wouldn’t be scared of the future until around junior year. Hearing people especially teachers say that life only gets harder after high school, has changed the viewpoint of my future. I was doubting everything until three weeks before graduation; our teacher had read to the class a story by Dr.

Seuss called ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’. This story has various life lessons and has affected me exceedingly. In my senior year, around the time before our senior trip, our mentor had read us this story ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’ By Dr. Suess in class. In the moments, my thought was on the senior trip and graduating high school; everyone was loud till she told us to pay attention and that it will be worth listening to and while she was explaining, it hit me what she was trying to come across. I was emotional and had goosebumps on my arm. The room was so quiet and cold out of nowhere. She was trying to compare how my life is like the story because it addresses about what I’m going to go through as an adult.

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It all began to make sense. One of the things that made me realize about my life after high school is I have to be open-minded. Being open-minded is vital because it benefits me in accepting myself and grow my knowledge and learn about the circumstances around me. It also encourages me to overcome my phobia and would not affect me being more communicative and making friends or not being hesitant to ask questions about my surroundings. For instance, going out of my comfort zone and accomplishing whatever it is I never imagined I would achieve.

A different example is thinking over about something before doing/speaking it. If a friend invited me to go somewhere like swimming with dolphins or something like that, instead of thinking about the negative consequence like swimming with an animal that lives in the ocean and not knowing what else is in the deep ocean; I could think about the positive outcome of it like overcoming swimming with dolphins. Another thing that stuck out is that I can control my future. So basically, whatever options I decide to choose now can affect me in the long run.

For example, no individual can’t tell me that I should start a business, a clothing line, or whatever it may be that others desire me to do, it’s up to me to decide what I want to do. I shouldn’t let people control me or my future to do things that they desire. In other words, many people said I should be a doctor; others say I should be a lawyer, but I didn’t want to be any of those because I know what I can handle and what accommodates me. On the final note, I’m going to have to do some stuff on my own, and there will be some highs and some lows. There is going to be times where something doesn’t come out as I intended and it’s okay because I must go through some downfall before I can succeed. Sometimes when this happens, I feel like I’m stuck and can’t do anything about it, but I push myself forward and remind myself how far I came.

People are going to let me down, that’s something that is going to happen a lot. Occasionally I can’t rely upon others to do there their best mainly because they have failed at my expectation. Summing-up everything, I want to acknowledge my mentor for reading us ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’ by Dr. Seuss. It positively affected my life, because he didn’t sugar coat some parts of it and it taught me about how life is and how I should deal with it.


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