Guy Montag is the main character in

Guy Montag is the main character in the book Fahrenheit 451. The main problem in this story is that owning books is illegal and all people do is sit in front of their viewing screen. This problem was solved when Montag began to reconsider this position in society and he started sneaking books out of houses. This eventually led to him fleeing the city where he finds a group of book lovers who will help him. The aftermath is the result of the city being bombed and destroyed. Montag and his new set of friends were faced with rebuilding the society. This time they want to do it with the freedom for people to read books.
Guy Montag, a fireman of this futuristic society, found it fun to burn. Firemen of this setting had the job to start fires, rather than putting fires out. It was illegal to own any book and if you got caught with a book, it along with your house were to be burned. Happiness for everyone was desired but after many disagreements over books they were banned.
In the beginning of this novel, Guy Montag meets this teenage girl named Clarisse McClellan. She was a curious girl with a wide imagination. People don’t talk about anything more than the weather or how you are doing, believed Clarisse. This made Guy Montag realize what is wrong with his society and makes him question the banishment of books.
Guy Montag came to the realization that he was not happy and he figured that books could fulfill his happiness. After burning his assigned houses he has been stashing away books. Taking such a risk, this gave Guy Montag an uneasy feeling about going to work, so he decides to stay home. Beatty, the head chief, comes to Montag’s house questioning his absence. When he arrives he discovers Montag with a book, Beatty leaves Montag with a warning to get rid of the book within the next twenty four hours. Now Montag is obsessed with these books and decides to go to Faber, a retired English professor, for help getting books back from banishment. Faber gives in and decides to help Montag. To keep in contact, Faber gives Montag the green bullet that he invented. Faber will go to a printer and make copies of the book and Montag will place books in other fireman’s houses.
Mildred, Montag’s wife, calls an alarm on Montag telling Beatty that he has failed to burn the book and has more books hidden within the house. Montag had returned to work and he was clueless that his own wife had called in an alarm. They go out in a firetruck to a location which is a surprise to Montag. Come to find out they stop in front of Montag’s house. Beatty has given Montag a flamethrower, Montag procedes and burns down his own house. Beatty announces that he is to be arrested, but before he was, Montag took Beatty and the hound down with the flamethrower. Montag grabs what’s left of his stash of books and makes a move. Now the chase begins. Montag is now running from another hound and to throw it off track, Montag travels through the river. While making a run for it, he finds a group of book lovers named ” the Book People”. He willingly joins because of his forbidden interest in books. Throughout this whole book a war has been going on. One of the final attacks is by far the biggest yet. This brings a huge decrease to the population, which is a good thing. Now Montag and his group can start building a new society where books are loved.
One scene from the book that stands out to me is the part where Mildred attempts suicide by overdosing on a whole bottle of pills. Montag came home from work one night and found Mildred passed out on the bed. Montag calls the emergency hospital. They came with a machine that took the old poisoned blood and replaced it with new blood. Mildred had woken up before Montag and was making breakfast. The reason this stands out the most to me is because Mildred woke and was perfectly fine as if nothing had the night before. She also had no memory as to what happened. ” ‘You took all the pills in your bottle last night.’ ‘Oh, I wouldn’t do that,’ she said, surprised.” ” ‘I didn’t do that,’ she said. ‘ Never in a billion years.’ ” This scene was an important event to the story because it gave Montag another reason to be dissatisfied with his life. “One of them slid down into your stomach like a cobra down an echoing well-” this is a simile used in this scene.
Even though I’m not a big fan of reading books, I still believe that our world would end up in chaos. My personal connection to this book is that I think if we got rid of books all together, our world would operate in a similar way to fahrenheit 451. People would lose the connection to our past history which would not allow us to learn from our past mistakes or gain knowledge for future situations.
The universal theme of this story, is that people are too distracted by technology and that their is a need for books. Their main focus is their viewing screens, which they sit in front of all day long. People in this story have nothing to talk about except for what happens in their tv shows. This has a significance to our world today because books are a very important role in our lives, with no books and more technology our whole society could derail.


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