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GURINDERPAL SINGH100267065SOCI-1121-W01 Participation and goals Participation means a list of ways students engage themselves in a class and it includes almost all you do for a class. When it comes to my participation style, if I cover all the syllabus and material from the first day of the class, keep up with the notes as well as the study material, there is a great probability that I’m going to score an A or B grade. Giving the required time and thought to a course, sharing my viewpoint wherever and whenever needed. It makes it so easy for me to understand the way things are going and get the most out of a course. On the top of all this, if I get a chance to teach someone what I have a better understanding of, that makes a part of memory in my brain, therefore, I will have an answer when a person approaches me on that topic. I believe that learning is a process that goes step by step, whether it’s learning a new subject or a new language.

If you lose the base, you can’t build any further. That’s what I struggle with if I don’t understand the first chapter, there is no chance of me doing well in a course. I learn mostly from the assignments as they show you the base of the course content allowing you to become an informed student. Whereas, on the other hand, discussion boards and quizzes after a week or so also prove beneficial in the overall progress.

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Discussion boards have large impacts as the instructor will post a question on the board based on the following chapter or some other interesting topic and then the students will be expected to reply to that question about their point of views. Students will be able to read and reply to the posts of classmates thereby, creating a platform just like a normal class experience where you can see a react to everyone else’s point of view. Everyday examples also play an important part in engaging students in class as it’s an easy way to help us fell personally connected to what we’re being taught.  Making learning fun and meaning helps me engage actively in the class. This is a challenge for the teachers as it requires different strategies for each grade level. The lesson a teacher is about to teach should have relevance to a student’s life. At the start of any lesson or topic, teachers should give their students some reason as to why they should pay attention and listen to what they are about to tell them. If they can’t see the point in learning a topic, they won’t sit attentively waiting to be filled with knowledge.

As I am currently enrolled in an online class, it is my duty to respect every single person I interact with and encourage everyone by moving the discussion forward. Reading through other student’s postings and reply with my views on my matter. Be careful not to write in caps and always respect someone else’s privacy.

I think this is an interesting course to study as it prepares one for a lifetime of by developing the love of learning, knowledge of human behavior, culture and social change. I would love to learn something productive in this course that will help me improve in life. It helps understand ourselves in a better way by focusing on the external forces that affect our values, behaviors and attitudes.



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